Lyric Shop Official Store for Musical Instruments

When you are looking for a place to buy your musical instruments Lyric is one of the most popular options in the Philippines. Operating for the past few decades this musical instruments retailer has grown to become a favorite of the music-loving Filipinos. The variety of brands it delivers and the ease of picking the right variant makes this a great place to shop at. There was a time when the store started out selling pianos. And today there are several types of musical instruments that can be found. The local musicians and music enthusiasts choose both locally made ones and international brands while shopping musical instruments. Therefore the store works with various popular brands and is also a trusted distributor and importer of several popular musical instrument brands. From the classics to the modern instruments there is a large collection to choose from this store. There are several branches of this retailer distributed across the country. This retailer makes sure that the Filipinos looking for their first musical instrument or even something for their stage performances can find exactly what they need.

Hone Your Music Skills - Lyric Shop Online

Besides constantly increasing the number of branches through which the store operates it also has its online presence now. Therefore you can easily shop at Lyric Shop online to find your favorite musical instrument. Whether you are looking for a practice instrument or one for a performance there is variety to explore. There are products from several popular brands like Sennheiser, Yamaha, Eminence, Blackstar, and others. Guitars, wind instruments, drums, and cymbals are some of the most popular musical instruments that you can find in the online store. The online store also caters to accessories for recording, like amplifiers, headphones, microphones and more. So, from learning an instrument to tailoring its performance based on your playing style there are various products from this store that can be useful.

Lyric Shop Official Store Partners with LazMall

To make it easier for Filipinos to find genuine brands offered by the Lyric Shop, it has partnered with LazMall. The store brings all the popular musical instruments in this range from locally popular brands as well as the international ones. This online store also offers some of the best prices on all the musical instruments offered in the collection. You would be able to find both genuine branded instruments and manufacturer recommended spare parts for them. This full-line music store now has become a trusted supplier of various kinds of instruments and equipment used in composing and processing music.