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Preparing the best meal for your baby children is a task that should not be taken for granted. Though breastfeeding should be the top priority, when their kids have grown well mothers should then ensure the nutrition of her child with a complete meal rich in vitamins and minerals. To make this possible, babies should have regular water intake through feeding bottles or sippy cups and should start on semi-solid food after 6 months and have a healthy diet with organic baby food. Freshly prepared mashed potatoes can be altered with instant purees or fruit jellies during out-of-town trips and vacation. For the 1 year old and above, fruit juice, chocolate drinks and formula milk can suffice baby’s thirst until you can prepare formula milk or have a right spot for breastfeeding.

Feeding and Nursing in a Snap

There are lots of items that can help the parents and baby sitter in preparing baby’s meal: bottles and training cups, feeding set will be good in keeping instant peas, sweet bananas and other food and drinks. If you want to personally express the juice from an orange or chop an apple, there are food processors that you can purchase online. You can also have your kid’s breakfast look like animals, stars or a face with food molds that are already available in the Philippine market. There are really lots of items that can help you nurture your child online, through the country’s top online shopping site today, just keep in mind to check the material of the containers and processors if these are BPA-FREE and see if the ingredients in the food and drinks you buy are not your kid’s allergens.

    Newborn Starter Set

  • Recommended Age: Parents with newborns will enjoy this newborn starter set
  • Features: The set is equipped with unique anti-colic system
  • Material: BPA-free materials so you can be assured of your baby's safety
  • Use: A handy collection including bottles, nipples, a pacifier, and bottle and nipple brush

    Training Cup Spill Proof

  • Recommended Age: Preferred age of use is 6 months and above
  • Features: Top rack is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning
  • Material: BPA-free materials so you can be assured of your baby's safety
  • Use: Specially designed to protect against spills

    Dry Meal, Starter Food, Semi-Solid Food

  • Recommended Age: Preferred age of use is 6 months to 4 years old
  • Also Includes: Fortified with iron for healthy brain development

    Feeding Bowl with Spoon

  • Recommended Age: Recommended age for use is 4 months and above
  • Features: Equipped with snap shut lid which is great for travel
  • Material: BPA-free materials so you can be assured of your baby's safety
  • Feature: Hygienic flip cover to protect spoon and spoon with easy grip handle