LazforGood Supports Habitat for Humanity Philippines Online

The shelter is one of the most important basic necessities for a family, especially now with the current situation in the Philippines. As more families need support to have their own places to live, Habitat for Humanity offers their service so that Filipinos can get the opportunity to start up their own better chance of living today. This non-profit organization has a simple goal: to build homes for Filipino families. The group offers their services as part of the growing charities in the country, with their solid foundation to utilize and kickstart help that will benefit families long-term. The group serves not only through action but also through donations, with the partnering with LazforGood to continue serving during these times.

The Habitat for Humanity takes part in the online donations drive to support families through gifts that will help frontliners respond to the needs of other people. The group promotes a healthy lifestyle along with the homes that they built, ensuring that families are happy and safe long-term, showcasing that their charity and concern are continuous and meant to last long after their service.

Donations for Habitat for Humanity Goes Online with LazforGood

The LazforGood campaign aims to provide for organizations to ask for donations online. With the group now asking for donations in cash and kind, fellow Filipinos and stewards can now go online and provide their services for the poor by donating through Habitat for Humanity’s page in Lazada. The group can use these monetary donations to provide different essential products like food packs, personal care, and health essentials that the poor families may need during this time. As the group continues their charity, they also make people aware of a powerful message that they share: the home starts with the family that continues to keep everyone safe.