2KK Relief Operations Online with LazforGood

2KK, Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid, is a non-profit organization that aims to provide the most basic service for the Filipino Children: Education. This group has served many underprivileged people from 2003, focusing on charity work for kids and Filipino Youth. Today, the group goes online as the situation calls for proper health and safety, as customers can now offer their donations through LazforGood. As most Filipinos shop online and shop safely for their needed items, the group also calls for proper donations like food packs, meals, masks, and gloves that can be given to the needy children. As the situation calls for it today, donating online is now possible for different groups, including 2KK.

The 2KK group fosters important values that can be shared and taught to the Filipino youth. As their advocacy mainly focuses on education, they also help teach children the fundamentals of giving and life charity, as they also want the youth to grow into responsible and generous people in the future. As the donations call for health and services in the midst of this important event, you can also take part in providing the support needed by donating online.

Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid, Offered Through LazforGood

The LazforGood program partners with 2KK to provide the needed goods and services that can help for the Filipino children. All the monetary proceeds offered will be used for providing food packs, meals, and other necessities for the communities and children covered by this NGO. The 2KK, Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid group expands their advocacy and reach online, allowing fellow Filipinos to work accordingly during this time period.