So you finally become a parent, taking care of a kid that is as energetic and fun as any young child as they can be. Now comes one of the more important questions that you should think for yourself: “What kind of toy should I give to my kid?” This is actually one of the biggest questions that a parent should ask, since you are not only giving an item to the kid, you are presenting them with something that represents you. Make a mistake in giving the toy that your kid doesn’t like, and he might get upset. Then you might get upset for getting something that your kid doesn’t appreciate. Toys aren’t just simple playthings that kids play with. For some, the doll that they carry around or the action figure that they play with is their first friend. Be generous when buying a toy for your kid, but also be open on what your kid really wants, and what toys will be good for him. This short guide is here to provide the possible answers to what toy should you give to your kids…

So, where to begin with the toys? While it is easy to jump and simply get one and get done with the toys that you can get for your kid, you must still do your duty as parents and learn what toys you should really give to your kid. Many sources and medical outlets actually list some of the basic ideas on what your kid should be receiving. Not only does these ideas promote well-parenting on the part of toys for kids, but can also help narrow down on what toys that your kid wants in the first place. So, what are the key important factors?

  • Safety
  • Appropriate
  • Design
  • Educational
  • Relevant

When buying a toy, check first if the toy is safe to play. Check out the labels if there are pointed edges on the toy, or small parts that could be swallowed if played inappropriately. You should also check if the toys have some kind of material that reacts to the kid. Maybe they are allergic to stuffed toys, or the paint and plastic can irritate the kid’s skin. Knowing what to get your kid is also an important duty of the parent, and getting the right one is indeed a matter of safety.

So you’ve checked out the safety of the toy and it passes. So does that mean that you should give it to your kid? Well, if your child is a boy and is six years old, he may either get angry or confused if you give him a doll or a toddler’s block set. The age-group and gender of the toys are important when getting one for your kid. There are marks stating for what age group the kids can play the toy, and sometimes, these toys are made for either boys or girls, not both. Simply-put, if you do not get the toy that is appropriate to your kid, it is actually giving an indication that you don’t understand or care about what these kids like. The toys that they are playing with are relevant to them. It is best to treat these items with the right focus and peace of mind, all according to the gender and age that they are playing.

For some parents and kids, the look does matter. Every toy has different design, based on the company that made it, its uses and features, as well as the general look and fun factor that these toys have. Simply put—a cool toy is a fun toy. Get the appropriate toy with a superior build quality and design; this can help you if you want to get another one for your other kid. At least you can know where you got the last toys for your kids, and depend on them, the next time that you want to gift your kid or a relative’s kid the appropriate toy for them.

Contrary to popular belief, educational toys aren’t the only toys that can teach kids. Some toys also come with proper values that teach kids about the games and toys that they play with. Actions like keeping toys in proper order, collecting and storing them on safe locations, and even playing appropriately so that the toys won’t break are some of the educational values that kids can learn the more that they play the toys and games. As the kids get older, they may also learn to collect and sort out the toys for their eventual toy displays, among other things. Some of these toys also come with the other lessons that can teach kids, like being friends with their toys and even promoting imagination when playing along using the toys.

As stated with the previous point, once the kid grows up, these toys can collected and stored as one part of a big collection of toys and merchandise. Not all toys have this kind of relevance, but this is also one of the best things that can turn out once the toy is finally shelved. Most vintage and classic high-caliber toys are very expensive, and would sell for a much bigger price if the box is part of the item. In the end, the toys that you should be giving to your kid should be relevant and playable for future generations, as well as valued among by other people, once the toy becomes vintage. Relevance is only a mix of the best crafting of the toys, as well as the value put into it by a lot of people. Is the toy popular? Is it valuable? If yes, then these are relevant.

So after learning the why and the how of getting the appropriate toy for your kid, it is time to learn what toys are out there. Currently, the toy industry is at the height of their marketing as collectible items. Majority of the toys are sold to be collected. Essentially, the toy industry is shifting to include adults and older kids to their market, with toys for adults and even games for entire families to participate in being sold around the world. Still, there are the toys that are very suitable to play with for kids and toddlers, and figurines that kids can enjoy to play with and have fun. This begs the question: how many types of toys are currently out there? This guide aims to differentiate the toys for kids, boys, girls, families, etc. All to make the diversity a bit more clear on what type of toy you can get for your kid, or for yourself. So, what are the most popular forms of toys out there?

  • Baby and Toddler Toys
  • Dolls and Action Figures
  • Stuffed Toys
  • Remote Control and Battery-Operated Toys
  • Hobby Crafts and Models
  • Games and Puzzles

If you have been to the babies and toddlers section of a store on an online shopping site, chances are that you might have run into several toys and games that babies and young kids would love to play. The colorful, cute, and fun toys have always been part of the baby essentials, since these are the ones that can help calm a baby down when crying, all while giving them the excitement and smiles as they play these toys. The most popular toys for babies are the educational toys, where parents can play along with their kids, teaching them about shapes, colors, animals, and other basic things about the world. There are also the toy blocks that help them start up their creativity; piling the blocks up, matching their colors, and even spelling out names and words from the letters designed on the sides of the cubes. These toys are part of the baby’s essentials for a reason, and these can really be fun for them and can teach them.

The plastic and human-like figurines that kids and pre-teens like; the action figures and dolls are designed solely as the toys that boys can bash and play with and girls can dress up and make them pretty. Most people tend to separate the two types of toys, but gender appropriateness aside, these toys are meant to bring imagination and creativity among the teens that own them. Whether you daughter is playing dollhouse or tea with her favorite model toys, or your son is setting up fights and wars with his numerous soldier figurines, the imagination of these kids and teens are actually helped by their action figure and doll friends that are with them. As the kids grow old, they can look at these action figures and dolls, and start building collections based around the characters that they have. These action figures and dolls can come in both from the animated series that kids watch from their TVs, to the superhero movies that they watched with their families.

Lots of kids and even some young adults love stuffed toys. These fluffy and soft toys can have the right mix of cute and cool in them, making these possibly the most versatile toys around. Most of the kids would love these due to their cute and cuddly design, even allowing some stuffed toys to double as pillows that kids can sleep on. Some older boys tend to collect these toys so that they can show them off to their friends along with other items from their collections, and girls absolutely love getting these as presents. The numerous stuffed toys can even be made by different brands, and can be any creatures, from mythical animals, to Pokémon, to extinct animals, and even some characters. These toys are fun to play with and can even be used to design a room accordingly. You can choose from any of the different sizes of these adorable toys, as long as you aren’t allergic to some of the stuffed animal’s fur.

The toys for older kids and young teens; the different battery-operated toys aren’t just the simple playthings that kids can play with their hands and manually morph and play around. These toys are legitimately using electricity and are powered up to work for you. Hook yourself with a remote control, and watch as you control your toy to move from one direction to another. Most of the battery operated and RC toys are the vehicle toys like racecars, monster trucks, and flying helicopters. These battery toys can run, fly, and ride through any area, as long as you control them. See how the actual vehicles work and even imagine you as the rider and driver of these RC cars and electric drones as these run accordingly.

Not all toys are made for kids and teens. Sometimes, even the adults should have their own leisure moment. For some, these come through the form of the hobby crafts toys and the models that they assemble. These toys are very different, since these are designed and made to be built. These models come in different scattered parts that their owners need to put together meticulously and carefully. These models range from cars, tanks, aircrafts, and even venues and landmarks. Of course, there are the very popular Gundam models that teens and adults take time to build and decorate afterwards. Unlike the other types of toys, these hobby crafts are made to be designer pieces, with the fun and accomplishment only felt after the model is finished. Afterwards, the user can use these to decorate his room, or keep it among the other toys in a collection.

Games and puzzles aren’t necessarily toys, but more of media products and games, but if you are really active for brain teasers and challenges, these can also provide the fun and leisure that is very similar to the toys that kids play with. Games and puzzles have been around for kids and adults alike. These range from the simple picture puzzles that are easy to solve, to the actual 3D puzzles like the Rubik’s cube. There are also the different games that come from the collectible toys like the Lego sets that can be put together to make a large model that is both visually sound and creative, all while being complex and fun at the same time. AS far as the different games and puzzles are concerned, any person or family can participate and play these types of toys.