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The Positive Slang That is the Swiss Army

Before most of our items became 10-in-1, or our gadgets become equipped with more uses and features, the Swiss Army knife is the most common item associated with multi-functionality. This knife helped many travelers, soldiers, and other users get out of tight spots with its various uses. This handy gadget is so useful, that the term “Swiss Army” has become a very common and positive slang to describe other objects with multiple uses.

Swiss Army Philippines: More Than A Knife

Of course, the Swiss Army brand doesn’t just point out to the quality utility knives. Some of their other apparel, like their Swiss Army watches, have similar or even better features that make them very impressive to wear. Their timepieces, pretty much like their blades, are made to withstand different conditions, so much so, that the strength tests they practice on their products are considered outrageous at most. Take the INOX watch, for example, whose durability test included getting run over by an army truck. Designed for the roughest experiences, you can be sure that whatever product you use, as long as it has the Swiss Army emblem on it, you are assured that it is the most durable thing you can have. Check out the full price list of Swiss Army products on your preferred online shopping site.

Why choose Swiss Army?

  • One of the most popular brands that make utility knives for the army
  • Their products are very durable, withstanding the harshest climates and other destructive forces
  • The Swiss Army is recognized by the defense force of Switzerland as the most useful device for military activity.

    Swiss Army Watches

  • Victorinox Swiss Army INOX : The INOX watch is the brand’s most durable and very stylish brand of timepieces, created. The analog watch comes in black, green, and blue, and is designed with every durable element the brand could find. The watch is shock resistant, Impact resistant, pressure resistant, freeze resistant, and 20ATM water resistant
  • Swiss Army Chrono Classic : The series wouldn’t get more durable than the classic. This watch series make use of the traditional design and build to carry on the brand’s reliability, showing that their watches really could stand the test of time.
  • Swiss Army Maverick: The watch series for flight, this stylish watch/ chronograph screams badass, due to its simpler use and more rugged and stylish design.

    Swiss Army Knives

  • Swisstool X utility tool : This standard utility tool is made of Swiss Army Steel, and comes with pliers, wire cutter, blade, scissors, ruled edges, and screwdriver. This small device is shock resistant, and impact resistant
  • Swiss Army Rescue Tool Utility Knife: This multipurpose knife is made up of Swiss Army Steel with a Polypropylene holder. The knife comprises a lock blade, seatbelt cutter, +/- screwdriver, window breaker, luminescent scale, and tweezers. These knives are shock resistant, Impact resistant, and pressure resistant
  • My First Victorinox: The brand’s safety knife and utility tool for first time users. The My First Victorinox comes with a blade without point, a key ring, tweezers, a mini saw, a steel toothpick, and cap lifter. The small tool is also made of the Swiss Army metal, which is impact resistant and rust proof.