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Pick The Best SKK Mobile At The Price You'll Love

This brand has started with its affordable line of smart phones for the average income Filipino families. SKK mobile is now of the most known brands of locally made device that has trendy units that suit the taste of the younger generation. It has filled in the gap for cheap priced phones in the Philippine market. The brand has been endorsed by famous celebrities that have huge fan base and supporters that also helped to increase its following. Having about 40 branches all over the metro, this brand has undoubtedly reached its peak of distribution.

Affordable SKK Gadgets In The Philippines

SKK Mobile has a wide range of mobile gadgets that are equipped with latest technology in the mobile industry. Their devices have good camera resolution and cute accessories that goes with their items. The brand is currently a hit for the teenagers that made the company expand its partnership with the number one online store in the country. Buy an SKK mobile phone, smartphone, tablet for you or your loved ones and have it delivered right at your doorsteps. Be amazed with SKK mobile's good line of products!

Why choose SKK Mobile?

  • The brand produces durable phones and tablets.
  • SKK mobile gadgets are definitely affordable.
  • They have a wide range of products to choose from.
  • Some of the products come with accessories upon purchase.


  • Items Available: The leading smartphones of this brand are the SKK Evolve, Chrome, and Phoenix. One of their newer devices out on the market is the SKK Aura.
  • Uses: Their entry-level line of smartphones run on either Android JellyBean and KitKat OS and focuses their use on SMS, calls, and surfing the internet. The SKK is not only for first-time users, but for people who’d like to have multiple devices on them.
  • Features: Most of the brand’s smartphones use TFT capacitive touchscreens for their phone displays. These smartphones have 8GB internal memory, expandable via microSD, and either 512MB or 1GB RAM capacity.


  • Items Available: The leading tablets under this brand include the Phoenix Pad, the Bubble Gum, the SK8+ Tab, and the Extreme tablet
  • Uses: One of the more later devices produced by SKK, their Android tablets have the most basic features that allow you to surf the net, watch movies, and access different content on a budget. These tablets are also quite handy, that some of them can pass as non-calling smartphones.
  • Features: Most of the tablets of the brand have 4GB expandable ROM and 512MB RAM. These devices also make use of a five-touch TFT screen display.