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Silverworks Gives You Affordable Jewellery

Everybody loves silver. This sleek and shiny metal may only be second to gold in preciousness, but in terms of toughness and malleability, silver is number one. This is one of the many reasons why most jewelries today are composed of sterling silver products. Add to the fact that the metal can enhance the diamonds and jewels’ gleam even further, and you have gotten yourself a piece of fine accessory that you can show off, or gift to your special someone. Now if you are looking for an available retailer of the finest silver jewellery available, you can surely save much from the makers at Silverworks.

Silverworks is a group, made up of top makers, designers, and jewelers in the Philippines. As its name suggests, the group focuses their production on the finest silver materials, and makes them accordingly to any of their customers’ preferences. What makes these jewellery unique is that despite being sterling, and coming with real crystals, they are still very affordable and, in some cases, quite resistant to impact and scratches.

Always Go for Silverworks Philippines

The all-Filipino guys from Silverworks make the popular and responsible pieces of accessories for clothing all on a budget. This is based on the idea that jewellery need not be expensive to be very affordable and dependable. Still, if you are looking for a fine option for getting the best accessories and peripherals that will fit perfectly for you, the group will be happy to give you the different options of the sleek and shiny jewellery available online. You can get the best Silverworks necklace, earring, pendant and jewelry set that's right for you through a trusted e-commerce site in the country.

Why should you go for Silverworks?

  • Silverworks is a top and popular manufacturer of silver-based jewellery in the Philippines.
  • This top group makes use of the finest and tough sterling silver, together with enhanced and clear-cut gems to create their premium pieces of jewellery and accessories.
  • Majority of their premium products are all sold on fair prices and clear make.


  • Overview: Silverworks makes creative and unique sets of rings for all occasion. Many fans would know of this brand as the maker of the Collegiate Championship Rings that are awarded to the top student athletes in their respective sports
  • Materials: These rings come with the proper minerals to enhance its silver base. Among the materials include titanium, enamel, cubic zirconia, and real diamonds
  • Types of Rings: Aside from the mentioned college rings, the group also makes the best engagement rings, fashion rings, and wedding rings, that can be work by both men and women.


  • Overview: The striped silver band that goes around your wrist can be as iconic as its multiple designs. Silverworks uses the familiar look and comfort for making their own unique bracelets for all people
  • Materials: The brand’s bracelets has two forms of their building blocks. These include the all silver bands, and the unique stylized bands. These can be made from rubberized material, cloth, and the main silver makes
  • Types of Bracelets: The group makes stylized bracelets for casual and fashion use. There are also bracelets for kids, and adults, as well as nametag bracelets for the senior citizens.

    Dog Tags

  • Overview: Silverworks is one of the few groups who make fully durable, and militarized dog tags for both soldiers and casual users. The group can also make different versions of the tag, as well as personalize these products by engraving the customer’s names on them
  • Materials: These tags use a mixture of sterling silver and reinforced steel to make the pendant of the tag. This is sturdy, thick, and can shine when needed. The lace of the tag makes use of a non-corroding and solid silver chain link
  • Types of Bracelets: Aside from the standard issue dog tags, Silverworks also makes the familiar Pilipinas tags, complete with the red, white, and blue colors. There are also the blank tags that can be engraved personally by the wearer.