Xiaomi Official Store: Technology Grows Forward

Xiaomi, the Chinese brand that started in 2010 has grown big in the last eight years. Its first smartphone came in 2011 and its success is primarily attributed to the software that has made it stand apart in the android market. Today, Xiaomi is one of the largest phone manufacturers in the world today and employs 15,000 employees in Malaysia, India, Singapore, China, while expanding further and to bigger markets. As of 2019, besides smartphones, Xiaomi also offers mobile phones, tablet computers, smart home devices, laptops, and smart TV. Slowly, the brand is moving towards selling more basic products like caps, pillows, glass lunch boxes, cups, backpacks, bags, and luggage, amongst other products. In fact, vacuum cleaners and in-ear headphones are also among the offerings. As for Xiaomi smartphones, there is a broad range of products available. In different colors (black, gold, blue, grey, and red) to the storage capacity of 8GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. From phone features of touchscreen and expandable memory to RAM memory of 4GB or 6GB. Moreover, Xiaomi is a brand that believes in multiplying further and keep moving forward.

Xiaomi Online: Technology at Their Fingertips

Xiaomi Online has finally happened with Xiaomi going online with its product range. Technology is rapidly changing. And keeping up with latest trends, Xiaomi has also gone online making it convenient for patrons to access their products. Now, the latest smartphones and other product offerings are easily available for customers. Instead of being dependent solely on stores, clients can easily browse, check Xiaomi goods on online display, and make informed shopping decisions accordingly. Moreover, great bargains make shopping, a more pleasant experience. With significant discounts and deals, products become all the more affordable and thereby, easier to purchase. And with choices in colors, storage capacity, different characteristics, and RAM memory, clients can make the best possible decision. Also, by going online, Xiaomi has become far more accessible to customers distantly located from its stores but closer to them technologically, i.e. through online presence which is just a click away.

Xiaomi Official Store and LazMall is an Exciting Collaboration

Xiaomi has come together with LazMall to be one of the sellers at the premium Philippines multi-brand e-market. It is indeed great as two prestigious brands have collaborated and there is a double assurance of quality and satisfactory sales experience. Patrons can make the most of this optimum situation as now besides other exclusive brands at LazMall, Xiaomi is also approachable to them. That too, at substantial deals and offers. Customers can shop at their own time and convenience, while Xiaomi gets to reach deeper in bigger markets.