Latest Smartphone Options Available at Vivo Official Store

Vivo is also referred to as Vivo Communication Technology Co Ltd. This is a Chinese company that is known to offer technology related solutions. This company is owned by BBK Electronics. They are the leading brand of manufacturers of smartphones, accessories for smartphones,   and online services. Filipinos are known to consider this brand as one of the leaders in the technology segment. China is anyway known for using the latest in technology offering. Vivo is also known to use the latest technology in manufacturing and developing smartphone solutions. They have their main development center based out of Shenzhen and Nanjing. Their research and development is also known to be based out of these centers. The company was founded in 2009 and in 10 years they have emerged as a leader in the segment of smartphone and smartphone solutions. Their products are used worldwide and their products are ranked amidst the top 10 smartphone makers in the world. Currently, Vivo products are available in as many 100 countries worldwide. They started their International expansion from 2014 onwards. They have also in the last few years expanded to countries like India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Vivo smartphones are known for their affordability and technological advancement. They have a number of series on display for their clients to choose from. These series are as follow Y series, V Series, X Series, and Nex Series.  

Vivo Online is Good News for Smartphone Lovers

Vivo is known for providing the latest technologically enhanced and other software solutions to its customers. They have also realized that in order to reach out to a larger number of people they need to have an online presence. This brings them to launch Vivo Online. Thanks to their online presence now their latest range of phones and software solutions are now available real-time to a large number of customers. They can simply browse through the online catalog and select the one that matches their need to the T.

Vivo Official Store has Tied Up with LazMall

LazMall can be easily touted as Philippines favorite online store. This is known as the one stop solution to all their online shopping needs. Recently Vivo has tied up with LazMall to reach out to the Filipinos. So now one can get updates on the latest models and deals on Vivo phones in the Philippines from the palm of their arm.