Virlanie’s Advocacy Reaches LazforGood Online

“The Children are the Future’s Foundation,” this quote has been taught and shared due to its symbolism in the Philippines and Filipinos. As the recent events take place, there has also been a call for donations for the less than fortunate children that also fights this same event as every other Filipino. As the Virlanie organization continue to support the kids in need, the LazforGood online group has also extended its reach to support the non-government organization to provide the needed services for the Filipino Youth.

The Virlanie organization focuses on seven important pillars in their advocacy, all targeted towards the needs and rights of the Filipino children. The group values donations and continuous support even without crises in the country. Today, the group goes online as LazforGood gives them an avenue to voice their needs and promote awareness for children, especially during this timely season.

See to Help Filipino Children Online with Virlanie

The organization aims to continue to support Filipino Youth, not only during the situation, but all-year round, as they also continue to give their support for clean water, recreation, medicine, food, and education. Even with the events, you can also continue to support the group through other means online, eventually pushing for a much better community overall for these kids.