About Tough Mama

Tough Mama is the new generation Home and Personal Appliances designed and built to the exacting standards of the contemporary consumers. 

Made from good quality materials and using modern technology, TOUGH MAMA guarantees years of convenience, enjoyment, 

and trouble-free use with the assurance of safe and energy-efficient appliances. 

In addition, all TOUGH MAMA products are priced affordably to make it an essential part of your "smart" modern living. 

At TOUGH MAMA, we are tough yet loving. We aim to improve people’s quality of life through honest and reliable home and kitchen appliances, as well as trusted after-sales service.



"My Grandma was a tough yet loving woman. She was also a fantastic cook who lived well into her late 80’s. As a young girl, she taught me the basics of how to clean, iron, choose ingredients, and prepare meals from scratch. 

She often just used the most basic appliances. She often said that the secret to cooking good food lies only in fresh ingredients and no over seasoning. 

Most of all, she taught me that one doesn’t need the most complex equipment in order to produce good food or run a household. It is this philosophy of my grandma that inspired me to create my brand TOUGH MAMA. 

With TOUGH MAMA, we provide you with appliances that are not only made simple and can provide the best value for your hard-earned money, but also give you more time to enjoy life with your family. I will never carry an appliance I myself won't use. This is my promise to you. I pledge to always keep improving for my customers. To all Tough Mamas, and the men who lovingly support them, I wish you all the best. Salamat po sa pagtangkilik ninyo ng TOUGH MAMA brand."

- Carol Yao, CEO