Segway Philippines Official Store - It’s All About Innovation

The American inventor Dean Kamen launched Segway in 1999. The Segway Personal Transport (PT) was first launched commercially through online retailers in 2002. From there on, it has been an uphill journey for this brand. This brand has set a trend as an innovator in the market bringing some unique products. This is among the few brands that have revolutionized the personal transportation industry. The brand made headlines with its two-wheeled transporter which is convenient to use. The name of the brand is derived from the Italian word ‘segue’ which means follows. The brand is aptly named based on the type of transportation it offers. The specialty of the brand is that it manufactures transporters that are self-balancing. This means that anyone with or without experience will be able to handle them. The brand keeps in mind the need for easy commute within smaller spaces like laboratories and factories. Therefore, it makes products which can make all such commutes so much simpler. The brand established a strategic relationship with Ninebot, Inc. in 2015. It has entered deeper into the market and has launched more new products since then.

Transporters from Segway Philippines Online Store

Segway Philippines online store brings all the safety certified transporters from the brand to online shoppers. This brand brings products in various categories including consumer transportation, professional use, public safety applications, and robotics domains. You will find a wide range of transporters designed for users of various age groups. Whether it is to run errands in your neighborhood or to go from one place to another within a campus, there are transporters designed for various applications. The brand has advanced features on its transporters for superior comfort during the ride and safety of the rider. The brand brings a huge variety of products in its online stores so as to suit the varied requirements of the riders. So, if you are looking for a fun ride that is also convenient, then this brand has much to offer.

LazMall Brings Segway Philippines Official Store

With LazMall’s partnership Segway’s online collection is now available easily. Whether you are looking for discounts on your favorite models in transporters or whether you are looking for a good collection, this online store has everything. You will be able to pick from the most popular transporters offered by this brand in various categories. So, for outdoor recreation for adults, and to give your kids an excuse to go out, there are plenty of products that the brand brings to the market.