Explore the Secretlab Online Store for Best-in-Class Gaming Chairs

Does your back hurt when you sit for long hours with your computer? Then, check out the Secretlab online store and pick comfortable chairs and sitting accessories. Launched in 2014, this Singapore-based furniture company was started by Ian Ang and Alaric. Specializing in gaming chairs, this company manufactures best-in-class products made with the finest materials. Along with other products, their 2020 Series is award-winning and globally acclaimed. Moreover, it has become the most preferred choice of the world’s top-notch esports competitions and championship-winning teams.

Are you curious to know the need for separate chairs for gaming? Yes! Work sessions demand prolonged and comforting sit postures, and for that, the need for special chairs is inevitable. This reclining variety can offer seamless back and lumbar support. Moreover, the backrest and the height of the seats can be adjusted to optimize comfort and convenience. These products rectify incorrect sitting habits and make you habituated with an apt posture. All the products of Secretlab are designed with immense research and aim at offering the best user experience.

Enjoy Comfort at Work with Chairs from Secretlab Online Store 

The Titan Evo 2022 Series is a range of superb chairs meant for every size. Specially designed with Secretlab NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette, NAPA Leather, and SoftWeave™ Plus Fabric, these items are available at Secretlab concept store, in small, regular, and XL sizes. This genre has been the most preferred choice of elite professionals. The ergonomic pebble seat base is meant for utmost base comfort, while the 4-way lumbar support system gives relief in the lower back area. The headrest is made of the best quality memory foam, while the fully-metallic 4D armrest, equipped with a cloud swap, replacement system makes it superbly convenient. The cold cure foam offers comfort and style. It is of moderate firmness and provides the cradle feeling. It makes the weight distributed evenly while the body is in a sitting posture. You can make the seat go up and down, in and out flexibly. Just lean back or sit upright and lock the position. With Class 4 hydraulics, you can also alter the height seamlessly.

Along with chairs, the brand is also known for best-in-class pillows and armrests. The memory foam pillow is one of their signature products and is available in a host of colors. These lumbar support pillows are of premium quality, dense yet immensely flexible. It molds as per the shape and contour of your lower back and spine and gives you the best support. Secretlab is also into armrests. These products magnetically fit on the armrests and help you to place your hand and elbow comfortably. The ergonomic design doesn’t let your arms pain. Equipped with thermoregulation, you can feel incredible touch sensations. Infused with German memory gel, you can relax your hands throughout work. If you need to work with computers for long hours, check out amazing chairs by Secretlab.