Best Filipino Guitar Available at RJ Guitar Center Official Store

The RJ Center is one of the leading guitar manufacturers and sellers in the Philippines. RJ Guitar Center was established in 1987 by Ramon “RJ” Jacinto. The founder understood the potential in the business of guitar and wanted to start something on that line. Gradually, he started building a world-class guitar and selling them.  The company believes in providing the latest state of the art guitars that not only look great but also sound equally good.  The company not only caters to the local market but also exports to other foreign markets. They have expert guitar makers and shell inlay artists hailing from Cebu City who produces and design these guitars.  Currently, the company has various outlets across the country. If someone is looking for the finest Filipino guitar then RJ guitar is the best in that category. They offer an array of guitars like – Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, Amplifiers and Effects, Drums and Percussion, Options for bands, orchestral instrument, Recording, Electronics, Live sound, Apparel and Collectibles and various kind of accessories that are required with a guitar. In accessories, they offer a range of products like basic plastics capo, fender guitar strings, Martin & Co Guitar Strings, XLR Connector, Basics Rubber Pick Holder, Premium Drum sticks, basic drum sticks and so on. In Acoustic Guitars they have an impressive lineup that includes – Prestige Acoustic Guitar Package, Professional Acoustics Prairie, RJ basics Baby Masa Cutaway, RJ Basics Les Pu, RJ Basic Acoustic guitar (Nylon) and so on.

Find the Best Filipino Guitar at RJ Guitar Center Online

Nothing can match the intricate handicraft and top quality of an RJ Guitar. These guitar pieces are designed by the best and match the demands of the buyers. Ramon “RJ” Jacinto has started typing up with various online portals and website to offer products of RJ Guitar Center Online. This way more people will be able to browse through the products and also choose the one that matches their need. These websites are known to showcase both old and new collection of the guitar range offered by RJ Guitar. A few of their bestselling Acoustic Guitars are as follows Gigline Broadcaster deluxe, Professional electric carved caster, Professional electrics electroacoustic and so on.  The online store also includes its signature lines of exclusive Taylor made guitars that are customized as per the requirement of the buyer.

RJ Guitar Center Official Store Ties Up with LazMall

RJ Guitar Center has also opened up a store in LazMall, which is a leading online shopping destination for the convenience of the people of the Philippines. Now Filipinos will be able to order the guitars from the comfort of their homes.