Durex Official Store, One-Stop For Pleasure Products

Being one of the leading contraceptive brands Durex had carved its own niche in the global market. The brand sells products for a multitude of customers for both men and women. Ranging from condoms, sex toys and lubricants Durex houses offers you a variety to choose from. With a motive to enhance the physical and emotional well-being the products augment an individuals’ pleasure moments and ensure hassle-free romance. With a firm belief in constant innovation, the brand reflects a trail of developing fresh and unique products. The brand has a lot to offer in the range of condoms namely ultra-thin condoms, dotted condoms, and flavored condoms suiting the needs of the different individual. To maximize the pleasure and intimacy the brand offers condoms in numerous flavors. The closeness can be more distinct and fun with their ribbed, dotted, Featherlite and other variety of condoms. The innovative product with Benzocaine extends the pleasure period and provides an exhilarating experience.

Durex Online Amplifies The Reach

The brand has a strong uphold in the offline market with it being available at all the major stores however its presence in the e-platform makes the products more easily available to the customers. For more elaborative reach the brand has an expansive partnership with various existing platforms. The buyer can explore the previous products alongside the newly launched varieties. Available in numerous sizes and countless flavors Durex Condoms are available in a viable economic range. Combined with an elaborate product description, the products can be bought in various combinations. The vast range of shipping to all the terrains enhances the demand. Durex Online houses a plethora of condoms for all your pleasure purposes and moods of intimacies. Various products for example Lubricants, Condoms, and Vibrators are all available in a single domain. 

The Collaboration of Durex Official Store with LazMall

Durex takes a step forward as a brand and amplifies its presence in the online domain with partnership from LazMall. Online Marketing is the next big crusading change for the retail sector with innovative and digital upgrading. The step not only unfolds the reach to one more online platform but also helps the brand to expand in the Philippines region. Products are available in demanding combinations and the brand timely offers an amazing discount which can be accessed very easily on LazMall. The rates are modest with best being in the online platform. Almost all the products available offline are put up for sale on the LazMall domain.