MARS Petcare Official Store: A Better World for Pets

MARS Petcare is a global leader in pet nutrition and health. We believe that pets improve our world, which is why we have been loved by pet parents globally for years now! We offer a variety of pet product brands such as PEDIGREE®, WHISKAS®, SHEBA®, CESAR®, TEMPTATIONS®, CATSAN®, and IAMS®.

At PEDIGREE®, everything we do is for the love of dogs. Our dedication goes into everything we make, and we strive to develop high-quality, nutritious products that will help keep dogs of all breeds and ages happy and healthy. We are passionate about each of our products and ensure that your dog gets nothing but the best.


WHISKAS® has been dedicated to making delicious food for cats since 1958. We use this experience in everything we do, including developing healthy and happy lives through our commitment to helping your cat live a better life. Nurture your cat with delicious WHISKAS® Cat Food. Help your cat lead a healthy, active, and happy life with the complete and balanced nutrition our food offers. Our cat foods come in many flavors so that mealtimes will be fun for your pet.


When felines love food this much, they show affection to match. So, why not feed them with SHEBA® cat food? We understand what cats want, and that's why we at SHEBA® offer a variety of pet food to satisfy every cat's sophisticated palate and discerning taste. We craft gourmet meals in various textures and flavors that your cat is sure to love. Our food helps you feed your cat the perfect premium nutritional meal.


Give your companion a restaurant-worthy experience with our crafted dog food. The food we give our pets is more than just a source of nutrients; it's also an enjoyable experience. At CESAR®, we offer a wide range of bold dog food recipes and pleasing textures to satisfy the choices of even the pickiest eaters. Our dog food can meet your dog's energy needs while fulfilling their appetite!


Choose IAMS® because we know your pet deserves the best. Our nutrition is tailored to their age and size, as well as unique dietary needs for both dogs and cats. We understand that every pet has unique needs, so we use innovative research combined with breakthroughs in nutritional philosophy as well as our knowledge of dogs and cats worldwide; this allows us to not only make sure your pet thrives but also live their life fully. You can feel safe knowing that our pet food is veterinarian approved.


TEMPTATIONS® cat treats are crafted to delight adult cats. All it takes is a shake, and your cat will be eager to relish these delicious cat treats. These cat treats are a delightful combination of crunchy and flavorful fillings. They are 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for adult maintenance while also being under two calories per piece. These cat snacks are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.


CATSAN® provides a sustainable and environment-friendly solution to the issue of cat waste. We offer high-quality litters that last longer, meaning less work for you.

All listed brands offer a wide range of pet products such as wet dog food, dry dog food, dog treats, dog chews, cat chews, dry cat food, wet cat food, cat treats, cat litters, pouches, and more. Go ahead and shop to make your furry friend happy today!