PCWorx Official Store: The One-Stop Shop for Laptops

PCWorx Official Store is a provider of computers, computer products, office equipment, and other related products. The main emphasis of this seller is on providing genuine products at competitive pricing. PCWorx is a group of different industries who are working collectively to become a significant player in the Philippines economy. The seller has contributed towards creating a foundation and atmosphere of integrity, service orientation, and professionalism. The mission of this seller is to provide the best available service to their clients at a competitive pricing scheme. The seller also intends to improve the technological and professional skills of their workforce through regular training and seminars. The seller wants to promote and nurture a corporate culture that pursues integrity and excellence. They want to harbor a sense of responsibility and mutual respect. Most importantly, the seller always promotes a ‘customer first’ approach. PCWorx has its branches in various parts in the Philippines such as Quezon City, Mandaluyong City, Tarlac City, among others. The products from this seller include computers and their components, gadgets, networking devices, servers, storage devices, and even apparels.

Buy the Best Computer Accessories at PCWorx Online

In order to increase their access across millions of customers in the Philippines, the seller has come up with PCWorx Online. Along with their own personal social media channel where they promote the brand and the collection that they sell they have partnered with various online shopping partners. The seller has made their wide range of products now available to everyone through the online shopping site. Customers can now avail the comfort of buying PCWorx products sitting at home. Also, the buyers can avail several promo offers and discounts that are available online. The online presence is also enabling the seller to improve their presence across the Philippines even in places where they do not have a store.

PCWorx Official Store and LazMall Join Hands

PCWorx Official Store in order to make the most of the millions of buyers that log on to LazMall every day have collaborated with this banner that is deemed to be the biggest mall in the Philippines. By joining hands with LazMall, PCWorx has made a strategic move to gain the attention of the millions of buyers and make their online presence even stronger. They are selling a wide range of products through LazMall, ensuring that they adhere to their mission of ‘customer first’ approach. The mission of the seller is to make the shopping experience fun and convenient for their buyers and collaborating with LazMall is a step towards achieving this goal. Consumers can now avail occasional discounts that are available at LazMall on the products sold by this seller.