PC Express Official Store: Better Technology, Great Prices

If you want anything computers, one of the best choices you have in the Philippines is none other than PC Express Official Store! Selling a wide variety of personal computers including laptops of all varieties and all accessories from about 20+ stores in the Philippines, this leading computer retailer also sells laptop peripherals, smartphones, networking, and gaming accessories. The PC Express Official Store caters to all digital needs of the Filipino customer and they have been doing this since 1999, the year in which they were founded. The wide variety of brands available at the stores gives the customer the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding their digital needs. The stores provide good after-sales services to the buyers. The stores also sell software to complete the digital needs of the customers and the machines are use-ready the moment they reach the customer’s home or office. The customer can easily compare within the store and even get offers on select merchandise. In all, PC Express Official Store is a one-stop digital solution store. For a digital company, it is only natural to have a strong online presence too – thus presenting, PC Express Online, the online store for all computing needs!

PC Express Online Makes Techies Stay in the Loop

PC Express Online is translating the same great store credentials to online portals! This is an endeavor to get the physical store with all the product variety on to the web portals for the customers to see, compare and buy online. With the overwhelming response to online shopping, it is only strategic that PC Express Official Store comes online, especially so also because they are themselves a technology store and are expected to stay abreast with the latest. The online store offers a good variety of laptops and peripherals at good rates. Brands like Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo, Seagate, Intel, etc. have been showcased in a user-friendly layout with complete information and specification about each product. The online store runs offers and discounts from time to time for the benefit of the customers. PC Express Official Store has now also tied up with LazMall in order to sell online even more effectively.

LazMall and PC Express Online: The Ultimate Flagship Store for All Computer Needs

LazMall has tied up with PC Express in the form of flagship store so that the customers get an array of benefits on buying computers and peripherals online. Apart from the immense benefit of fingertip-shopping and doorstep-delivery, shopping from LazMall flagship PC Express Online also assures authentic quality products, safe and quick delivery and smooth payments. Use the LazMall advantage and order branded computers and accessories online, today!