OXGN Philippines: Accessible Streetwear for Everyone

A streetwear brand that creates cool, stylish, and affordable products for stylish youth. Established in 1996, Oxygen, now OXGN has more than a hundred boutiques across the Philippines. 

Stylish Youth: Cool, Casual, Adventurous 

Moving youth culture forward, the OXGN market looks to the brand for fresh, innovative, sophisticated products that follow global trends and will complement their taste, unique personality and dynamic lifestyle.

Explore Your Street Style

Graphic tees come designed in a length of unique statements and quirky prints to let you pep up your style game. For your party mood, there are many tees and button-up shirts in stripes, florals and other patterns to make your casual wear attractive and stylish. Pair it up with trousers, jeans, or urban shorts, to complete your chill boy look.

Ladies can bring a great change to their wardrobe by adding a collection of t-shirt dresses, runner shorts, and trousers. OXGN’s trendy tees and tops are best paired with our jeans and jeggings to pull off the cool look.

Staple accessories to ramp up your street looks such as bumbags, bucket hats, caps, sling bags, backpacks, tote bags, and sliders are all here. Go adventurous with our on-trend fashion accessories such as chest bags and leg bags

Complete the day with your favorite scent from our range of best-selling personal care products: 11:55 Eau de Toilettes, GRIT Hair Wax and Gift sets.

Limited Edition Collaborations

OXGN continuously works hand in hand with global brands such as Looney Tunes, One Piece, Scooby-Doo, MTV, Nickelodeon, Bieber, and Billboard to create one-of-a-kind collections that the stylish youth will love.

OXGN Premium Threads

Modern Essentials for both on and off the streets: Premium Threads unites our core streetwear aesthetic with a more dynamic lifestyle in mind. Crafted with comfortable materials and quality finishing and add in branded taping designed to step up your style game, OXGN’s athleisure line is made for those who dare to move and dare to be. 

Comfortable athleisure is the name of the game. Tees, hoodies, pullovers, shorts, track pants, and shirt dresses--all in quality fabric, boosts your streetwear wardrobe for anything life throws your way. 

OXGN COED: Gender-Neutral Clothing

Here’s to us who share a common vocabulary: WE and not them, nor he nor she. OXGN CO-ED is an equal opportunity to wear - premium fabric garments for the utmost style; each COED piece stands for you as it does for me.