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In the digital print media segment, magazine subscriptions are very popular and companies like One Mega Group keep this trend alive. This is a media and news company that was founded in 1991, way back when print media was widely popular. This Philippines-based company is involved in the television production segment as well as in magazine publication services. This publishing company was founded by Sari Yap and it caters to a wide range of popular magazines. This company is also known to handle the production activities of various TV shows that are popular among the Filipinos. Bringing information from various genres and various parts of the world is the strongest feature of this group.

One Mega Group Online - Buy All Your Favourite Magazines

One Mega Group is one of the oldest names in the Philippines in magazine subscription services. It was earlier known by the name Mega Publishing Group, with headquarters in Pasig City. This online store of One Mega Group is your source to find the magazines that Filipinos all over is fond of reading. You would be able to find the trending stories and popular magazines from this collection. In this digital world, this seller makes sure that print media stay alive by making popular magazines easily accessible. You would be able to find magazines like Travel Now, Condo Living, MEGA, Lifestyle Asia, Celebrity Mom, and others. 

One Mega Group Official Sellers Subscribed to LazMall

The LazMall group now offers proper subscriptions and issues of the magazines available at the best prices possible for Filipinos. The group's magazines are not just for show, rather showcases sophisticated art through photographs of the top artists in the Philippines today. Photobooks, stories, articles, and journals about the celebrities, all at the best prices online. Fans of these people would surely love to read and look at the works given by this top publishing group. You can check out the top online shop in the Philippines for their collections, and see how sophistication and art is crafted into their magazines.