Octagon ComputerSuperstore: Official Destination of IT Items and PCs

The Octagon Computer Superstore is an IT product retailer of Philippines, established in 1982. They started their business with a single store and within a few years, they have expanded their business nationwide and started a number of superstores and chain stores. Octagon has more than hundred retail shops situated in shopping malls covering most key cities in the Philippines. Through the years, Octagon has achieved the place of top IT reseller in the Philippines market. With a sound understanding of customer needs and industry trends, the Octagon Computer Superstore always keeps their product list updated with latest and essential IT products. Octagon, being a fast growing retail store, offers a diverse range of genuine and excellent IT products at a reasonable price, coupled with customer satisfaction through good service.

Get your IT component from Octagon Computer Superstore Online

The inventory of Octagon Computer Superstore is enriched with Desktop PCs, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets, Smartphones, hardware components for different digital accessories, peripherals, and software of reputed brands like DELL, HP, Sony, Samsung, Sandisk, INTEL, and so on. They also sells a number of gaming accessories, such as Gaming Chair, Headset, Keyboard,  Mouse, Mousepad, Speaker, Table, and many more. Octagon Computer Superstore delivers Information Technology to the people of the Philippines with its network of branches that covers most part of the nation and their online selling partners, as they have ties up with top online stores of the nation.

The Octagon Computer Superstore Now Sells via LazMall

Though Octagon is a well-known IT services and seller group, the group is now a destination of PC enthusiasts who want to upgrade and improve the overall performance of their PCs. This brand has even accommodated gamers and their rigs, offering the best PC specs and builds at the best prices possible. Today, the top online shopping site in the Philippines gives preference to Octagon, as one of their top stores, offering a wide range of impressive product range, all at the best prices today. You can now search through LazMall for all the available and latest offers by this top PC store today.