Home Appliances from METRO PLAZA THE APPLIANCE CENTER Official Store

For the Filipinos looking for attractive deals on home appliances METRO PLAZA THE APPLIANCE CENTER is one of the most popular shopping destinations. Located in Davao City, Philippines this store also has its branches in various parts of the city. This store has always had a reputation for offering authentic products from various popular brands. From the time of inception, the store has partnered with several brands known in the home appliance category to make shopping easier for the consumers. Today, it is also a credible distributor of brands like Sony, Samsung, and other international brands. Therefore Filipinos can find all the globally popular products in the home appliances and entertainment category with ease. Besides delivering the products the store also handles installation services. They are licensed installers for air conditioners and televisions. So, Filipinos will be able to purchase products and also get them delivered and installed at their home without any hassle. The stores cater to products in the home entertainment category including televisions and more. There are also large appliances like washing machines, refrigerators and other essentials available at the store. Besides these, even the small home and kitchen appliances can be found at the stores.


All the conveniences that the store is known to offer can also be availed through the METRO PLAZA THE APPLIANCE CENTER online store. This store has gone online mainly to allow consumers to be able to shop for the products from the comforts of their home. Also, those Filipinos residing outside of Davao City can avail the discounts and the trusted collection of products offered by this store. This has been a step to extend the reach and also to continue its practice of delivering the best in the home appliances segment to the consumers. Nearly all the products that are popular at the physical stores and branches can also be found in the online catalog. It also offers all of the brands from its physical stores through the online retail channels. 


Besides delivering online shopping options for its consumers, METRO PLAZA THE APPLIANCE CENTER has now tied up with LazMall. This has been a measure adopted by the store to take a much stronger stance in the Philippines market. It has also managed to provide Filipinos access to competitive prices of their favorite home appliance brands. Filipinos can now quickly and conveniently find the best sellers in various home appliance and entertainment categories.