Explore the Medela Online Store for Breastfeeding Products

Founded in 1961, Medela is a company that has dedicated itself to providing support to mothers and babies by enhancing the breastfeeding experience. Now, it successfully upholds the position of being the number one breastfeeding product brand in the world. The company has now launched an online store in the Philippines to offer its products directly to the Filipino consumer. This store includes breast pumps, feeding & storage products, breastfeeding essentials, breast care products, and accessories & spare parts. Explore the store from the comfort of your home, order the required product, and get 100% authentic breastfeeding products from the brand right at your doorstep. 

Authentic Breastfeeding Products at Medela Official Store

Medela has partnered with the top shopping site in the Philippines to market its diverse range of products to the Filipino consumer. The official store is a haven for consumers looking to purchase the best breastfeeding products and accessories in the world. It includes items like breast pumps, nursing pads, storage bags, colostrum containers, milk bottles, creams, breast shells, nipple shields, maternity bras, cooler bags, and more. The solutions offered by the brand are considered one of the best in the world and now, these products are available to purchase directly from the seller’s official store.