SLT Technologies redefine the music listening experience for you

Whether you are travelling by car or doing some office work, you tend to listen to music. And of course, you don’t want to disturb others nor involve them in what you are hearing, so you prefer to listen to this music through earphones or headphones. Now, if you are in the habit of doing this for hours at a stretch, you have to make sure that the earphones are good quality enough to render you with the required safety and comfort. At the same time, the operational effectiveness should be equally high. If you are assuming that you will have to shell out quite a few bucks for getting one of these, do not worry because you have the SLT Technologies store bringing you a range of these products with enormous discounts.

While the list of product models available from SLT Technologies in Singapore is endless, let us keep you informed about the most popular and heavily discounted ones here. So, in the category of the in-ear headphones, you have the model named the Echobox Finder X1 available with a whopping 77% discount. These German-made PEEK drivers are capable of producing an exciting sound signature with unprecedented dynamics and detailing. The solid titanium shells, on the other hand, grant the item with feather-light comfort and unrivaled durability. The Celsus Sound Companion headphone is also a model that you can consider and you can get this with a 24% discount on its original price. The device comes with a portable 6000 Mah battery coupled with a curved aluminum frame with gorilla glass.

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You can come across some really tempting discounts offered on the models of the over-ear headphones too. Get a surprising 58% discount on the MrSpeakers Ether headphones. These items boast the proprietary V-planar magnetic driver technology.  They are among the lightest open-back headphones in the world and are a must-try for all music enthusiasts out there. A similar model in an attractive red color meant for earphone users who love funky designs is also available with a 58% discount. The quality of all the products offered by this store is simply incomparable. And the excellent discounts on them ensure that you get the best items at a price that you can hardly enjoy anywhere else.

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