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Backpacks are an easy way to carry your belongings without having your hands occupied. While this invention came around very late, bags were initially used by military people and mountaineers to carry essentials on the field. A Jansport Official Store offers many products for people who want bags of various types. This company came to life in 1967 when three friends decided to go with a hunch and a creative design. The creative designer asked his seamstress girlfriend to make a bag and their sports enthusiastic friend tested it out. Together they came up with the group that got its name after the seamstress Jan. These bags have stood the test of time and have even overpowered extreme weather conditions.

Their first product had no special design but the second came out with a flower pattern. This got named the D series and depicted the hippie moment of the 1960s. They even made the Everest pack and guide series. All of these ensure people could take expeditions without worrying about losing their belongings. They now offer a large range of bags including laptop bags, travel, and college bags. You can even get smaller bags like lunch, and sling bags. With digitalization taking over the marketing world this group has tied up with the iconic online series Stranger Things. 

Jansport Official Store: Your Trusted Partner for Quality and Durability

Creating something fun and extraordinary is at the heart of Jansport. This value can also be seen in their commitment to sustainability and the use of renewable energy sources. They have effectively incorporated energy-efficient methods into their supply chain. This feature reduces their carbon footprint and pushes them towards a sustainable enterprise. Another commitment from this group is no use of PVC in the manufacturing of their bags. They do use polyester but only when it is recycled and weighs 600 Denier. This type has a lesser impact on the climate than virgin polyester. The company saves over 1200 trees a year by using FSC paper only when it is 100 percent recycled.

Every piece manufactured by this company comes with a lifetime guarantee that showcases the confidence the makers have in their products. The company wants to create a community of like-minded individuals, all of whom love the outdoors and bags. They even organize music concerts for the enthusiast and showcase their latest bags. These events happen around the globe and are famous as bonfire sessions. Jansport Flagship Store also keeps products that offer something for everyone. Not only are the products new, but the friendly staff also demonstrates the features of each part. This company is all about listening to its customers and allowing the employees to pitch in with ideas. They advocate a creative thinking policy and believe that good ideas could come from anyone. Get your Jansport bag today and become a part of a global movement.