Blmg Bloominghome home décor and furniture

Your house is incomplete without decorating it right. Decorating the house has to be both functionally and aesthetically appealing. Furniture forms an important part of home decoration. There are so many kinds of furniture you can invest in for different parts of the house. When you choose the right brands, you can ensure the furniture is comfortable, long lasting and beautiful to look at.

Blmg Bloominghome is a seller on Lazada Singapore’s website that deals exclusively with home décor and furniture for home and office needs. Apart from the seller’s own brand, you can also get products from Kleannara and Moony on this page. The product categories to choose from include sofas, chairs, ottomans, beanbags, wardrobe organizers, cabinets, dressers and drawers, coffee tables, rugs and carpets, bedding and more. All products from this seller are 100% new and genuine. The seller has more than 3 years of experience selling on the website and has a 100% shipping on time record.

Sofas, desks, and chairs to impress your guests on Lazada Singapore’s website

Chairs are used in every room irrespective of whether at home or in office. There are so many models of chairs available depending on how they will be used. For comfort, think of getting the BLMG New Pastel Floor chair. This comes in 11 shades and 14 adjustable angles. The chair can be placed on the floor and its fluffy design is super comfortable. After a discount of 56%, you can get this at SGD 26.50 from Lazada’s website. Sofas add so much elegance to your living room. The BLMG Cocoon Sofa is available in grey, blue and white colors. The grey and white models have a 47% discount on the website. You get to save SGD 170 with this purchase. This sofa model is 5-star rated and has multiple positive seller ratings. If your kids are struggling to study or do their homework at home, get them the BLMG Simple Line Hook Table. This can be installed easily and is thin and easy to handle. This desk is offered at a 51% discount on Lazada's website now.

This seller also offers a wide variety of kitchen organizers. Starting from metal racks to utility shelves, oven stands, cabinets, and dining range tables, there is so much you can get at affordable prices. All products on this website come with free shipping and free cash on delivery option. Few also have free installation available. You can receive the furniture at your doorsteps and start using it. In case you are not very happy with the product, you can return it back in 2 weeks time using the free shipping option. Ditch your old and boring furniture and get products from this brand right away.