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Leonora Salvane, a chemical engineer, once started selling homemade soaps from her home. The demand for her soaps and the effectiveness of her products resulted in the creation of GT Cosmetics in Cebu City. Local names like this one are particularly good in the cosmetics segment as they have a better understanding of the local weather conditions and skin types. You would easily find products that suit Filipino skin types and address the common skin problems. The soaps from Salvane’s creations were made available in a handful of stores by the year 2009. Today this has grown to be a local brand known for some of the most reliable skin care products.

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The online store of GT Cosmetics is the place to find authentic products from this skincare brand. GT Cosmetics is a company that makes use of natural ingredients in skincare so as to give long term results without any side effects. The range offers products to suit diverse skin types and to help address all types of skin problems that the modern lifestyle creates. Some of the most popular types of skincare products from this collection besides the herbal soaps are toners, lotions, creams, and facial scrubs. To make skincare more fun the collection also includes some fun tinted lip balms which offer nourishment and subtle accent to your look.

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