LazforGood Calls for Donation for Good Neighbors PHL

Children’s education, community development, public health, and disaster relief; these are the important core values that make up the foundation of Good Neighbors International. The worldwide non-profit group has been active in many countries for many years now, partnering with many groups and like-minded organizations to provide for the needy. In the Philippines, the Good Neighbors PHL group responds to many situations and offer relief operations and other needs that a community may need. The group’s on-going charity work and public action now reaches towards the online community as Lazada becomes one of the organizations partners, working to provide means for Filipinos around the country to donate for the group under LazforGood.

Be a Good Neighbor Online by Donating to Good Neighbors Philippines

Today, LazforGood calls for donations for Good Neighbors Philippines online. People can now offer monetary vouchers for the group, helping care for fellow Filipinos during this situation. The group offers many services for the poor, including the education for poor people, relief operations and goods for the poor communities, and even public health through the form of essentials like alcohol, face masks, and toiletries to help in sanitation and personal help.

The LazforGood has set up a special page for community members to donate to Good Neighbors, with the proceeds allowing for frontliners and the group’s servants to act and do their job in helping the community today.