EasyPC Official Store for PCs and their Parts

EasyPC is a Philippines-based seller that had a humble beginning in the year 2006, as it started out to resell 2nd hand PC parts. Within a decade time, the seller has established itself as one of the largest sellers of PC in the Philippines. The journey of the seller had started in a small house in Makati. Now, the seller has five retail stores in Manila City. This fact makes it quite evident that the seller has been fruitful in achieving success with the determined dedication and commitment. Withstanding to this statement, the seller can be called out as one of the leading retailers of PCs in the country. In order to be a step ahead in the business, the seller has ventured into the online platforms and social media. This would bring even more popularity and recognition to the seller both in and around the country.

Get the Desired Personal Computer and Hardware from EasyPC Online

EasyPC is crystal clear with its motive to promote the products. Therefore, the seller makes its entry into the leading online shopping sites of the country. Listing the products along with their specifications and price details on an online portal let the consumers have a clear picture about what he or she is investing the money on. The seller also makes sure that the products are offered at the best price possible. The seller is trusted for bringing genuine products from reputed and well-recognized brands across the globe. Few examples of the brands that the seller is associated with are Microsoft, Nvidia, MSI, Intel, Asus, etc. Apart from PCs’ hardware components, the seller also brings anti-virus applications, gaming laptops, office applications, internal storage devices, projector, surveillance, gaming chair, headset, and the list goes on. Not to mention, the EasyPC Online store has a huge collection of PCs that include starter packages to high-end models along with many special programs such as i-Café diskless and i-Café seminars packages.

EasyPC Official Store Steps into LazMall Online Site

As a step forward, EasyPC now makes its way into LazMall online platform. Partnering with the country’s largest online shopping site, the seller makes the details, such as specifications and price details, of the products transparent. The seller stocks the online platforms, including the LazMall online store, with cutting edge and innovative products in order to provide with genuine products for the price paid. By making a space for itself in the LazMall banner, the seller aims to reach a large group of audience in and around the Philippines.