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One of the most popular instruments throughout the world is the guitar. It's highly adaptable, and it's employed in a wide range of musical genres. Clifton guitars are guitars that are handmade from recycled and salvaged wood found in refurbished structures, dismantled barns, modernized residences, construction projects, and other mature, seasoned wood sources manufactured one at a time and tailored to the specific player. Mr. Adrian Clifton Tan, a graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University with a BS in Computer Science, launched this Guitars in November 2013. Co-Founder, Server Engineer at Black Tea Software, and co-founder of Lazada Winning Circle 2019, the Philippines' #1 Ukulele brand. You can buy the guitars through the Clifton guitar official store. There is a large variety of collections for you.

Clifton Guitars' mission was to convey joy to the world through music. It guarantees that artists will receive a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, and most importantly, high-quality instruments. Clifton traveled across China in search of the greatest guitar factory. Using Solid Triple A-Grade Sitka Spruce for the top and modifying the pick-ups to add a microphones system, a feature demanded by percussive performers but previously only accessible on the most expensive guitars.

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Clifton guitar is one of the well-known brands and you will love their wonderful collection. You can also get the amazing collection from Clifton guitar's authorized seller at the best prices. Guitarleles, pocket ukuleles, and inexpensive ukulele basses were among the first Clifton guitars to be released in the Philippines. They were eventually expanded to include standard instruments from well-known manufacturers like Amari, Enya, Takavood, Kriens, Kaka, and Phoebus. The various guitar types available from the brand include the A-series, CUK-520 series, CUK-S1 concert Ukulele, CUK-80G concert Ukulele, CUK-300L Concert Ukelele, etc. The Clifton A1 Grand Orchestra acoustic-electric guitar, which boasts a motto of "No frills, just tone," provides a well-balanced tone from top to bottom. It has a Clifton Dual Sonus Piezo pickup and a gooseneck acoustic mic built-in. The style of the guitar is based on the "no-frills'' philosophy of removing any extraneous engravings and attachments. As a result, it is kept as basic as possible whereas all attempts are made to make it sound as classy as necessary. 

Clifton A-series guitars are available in a variety of shapes to suit your tastes. Among them are the dreadnought, dreadnought tiny, grand orchestra, GS mini, orchestra OM, and super jumbo. White, Grey, and Black are the most common colors for guitars and Musical Instruments nowadays. Electric guitars are also one type available throughout the Philippines. Because of its pickups and settings, the Electric Guitar is widely regarded as flexible.