Pick up all the baby stuff you need from the Baby’s Hyperstore

If you have a baby around, you know that their needs can be unending. There are things to buy constantly and you do want to buy the best things in the market as your little one deserves the best. There are a whole ton of things starting with baby prams, car seats, toilet seats, high-chairs and not to forget clothes! If you keep an eye out, you can always find the best deals whilst getting the best products as well. Baby’s Hyperstore is one of the best promotions by Lazada Singapore where you can pick up some of the best products for your little one at home. For instance, you can collect a voucher that promises SGD 45.00 off when you spend SGD 500.00 or more on the available products. Also, you can opt for a voucher that gives you 6% off on your purchases. If you are looking to buy slightly bigger products, then pick up the Prego feather stroller. This light as a feather baby stroller at just 3.7 kgs. You can save 70% on the original price as well, which is quite a steal!

Car seats on the other hand, should be picked carefully as there are safety and other considerations as well. But Baby’s Hyperstore has got you covered here as well. The babyMaxi-Cosi Family fix car seat is a great product as it is priced 50% lower than the initial price. This car seat can be fitted into your car easily and it also has a 1-year warranty from the seller. It has five positions in which you could use it and the baby can transition from a sitting to a sleeping position quite comfortably. The Quinny Buzz stroller is another smart product that is on offer at a whopping 64% off. 

Equip your home with the best and safest baby products during the sale

There are several products that you can buy from Baby’s Hyperstore but buying them during the sale period ensures that you save a ton of money which can be used for other essential products as well. Some of the products such as baby high chairs may not seem essential but when they do come up for sale at attractive prices, they become easily affordable. For instance, the childcare pod timber high chair is now available at a really reasonable cost, after being slashed down by 65% from the original price. You can check out the Beblum cot bundle at a 49% discount as well. 

Child care products such as the above and several other items can be easily purchased online from Lazada. We believe in giving you our best service and hence ship everything free of cost and promise a free return policy as well. This way, in case you land up with a defective item, you can return it easily and get refunded. Plus, our website lists all baby products with detailed descriptions to help you make a wise choice.