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The Xbox ONE: Overall Entertainment From One Console

The primary purpose of the game console is to stream and play different games from one device. This has been its use for many years, with seven generations of console gaming making its way to people’s homes year after year. However, Microsoft changes all of this with the introduction of their eighth generation gaming device and overall multimedia player, the Xbox ONE.

The Xbox series has been one of the pioneers of the new generation of gaming, providing the ample competition for the different console developers in the industry. The Xbox ONE is primarily a gaming device, providing the players its original titles that you can purchase through the physical Blu-ray disks, or through the Xbox Live online DLC. However, the console is also marketed as a proper multimedia device that allows for playing different content, both online and offline. You can watch movies, view TV shows, and even subscribe to different media sites using this all-in-one multimedia player and gaming device.

The Xbox ONE in Malaysia: Ready To Bring Gaming in the Country

The Xbox ONE is the newest form of competitive gaming that aims to provide the ample middle-ground between the casual players and the professional gamers. Among the titles that the eighth generation device has made are the more difficult games that offer fun and challenging tasks that the players can accomplish on their own, or with a friend. So far the prices of the Xbox ONE consoles are ranged according to the product bundles that the consoles come in, so you’ll be getting a proper deal for the different packages that the this console has in stock.

Why consider buying the Xbox ONE

  • the Xbox ONE is the most expansive and multifunctional gaming console Microsoft produced
  • The Xbox ONE console also works as a proper multimedia device that can play other content
  • The console has available updates that make the gaming experience very different and progressive each time.

    The Xbox ONE

  • Overview: The Xbox ONE is the most advanced gaming console and multimedia device that Microsoft has offered. This device is considered as part of the eighth generation of console gaming, aimed for teenagers and young adults, who want to play multiplayer cooperative or battle games, either offline or online.
  • Specifications: The Xbox ONE powerful uses High power x86-64 AMD Jaguar 8-core processor, 1.31 TFLOPS, high graphics base, and 8GB Memory DDR3 RAM for its entire console to run. The Xbox ONE also comes in either 500GB to 1TB storage capacity for all its digital content. This device makes use of Blu-ray to scan, read, and play all available game titles, while installing them to the device’s interface and memory.
  • Features: The Xbox ONE is quite known for being an accessory-driven console, with different packages bundled to the console as part to the overall gaming process. The device also comes with a variety of peripherals that are quite familiar to most of its users.

    Xbox ONE bundles

  • Overview: It has always been tradition for many gaming consoles to sell their products through different bundle packages. The Xbox ONE has an assortment of different launch title bundles that lets you play different games on the console, together with free accessories that come along with them.
  • Xbox ONE Halo Bundle: This bundle is made using one of the most popular and exclusive games of all time. The package includes the unit, 1 controller, the steel case edition of Halo 5, a guardian model, and an exclusive DLC for Warzone
  • Xbox ONE Kinect Assassin’s Creed Bundle: the most progressive game in the industry needs a progressive bundle. The Assassin’s Creed bundle includes the unit, a Kinect camera, 1 controller, an Assassin’s Creed IV: Blag Flag game DLC, Assassin’s Creed: Unity game DLC, and a wireless headset
  • Xbox ONE FIFA 16 Bundle: The sports game that everyone loves, this package includes the Xbox unit, 1 controller, FIFA 16 game DLC, 3 exclusive FIFA 16 teams via DLC, and 1 year free EA access to play online EA games.