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Swimsuits are a year-round must-have in the Philippines

In a tropical country like the Philippines, where beaches, resorts, ad pools are aplenty, there is absolutely no excuse to not own a swim suit. Going from functional to fashionable, bathing suits are can in one-piece or two-piece, in different styles and colors to suit every preference. These vary based not only on the current fashion trends, but also on the community’s standard of modesty. For example, the Philippines is a relatively conservative country, so the monokini and the microkini may be frowned upon. Furthermore, there are also swimming attire designed to cater to Muslims who have a specific standard of modesty. Swim clothes can either be skin-tight or loose-fitting, and are made out of water-resistant materials like nylon and spandex.

A large variety of swimwear to choose from

Some swimming suits are designed to show off a person’s physicality, such as the bikinis often worn in beauty pageants and magazines. Two-piece swimsuits, or often known as bikinis, are favored by teenagers and young adults for their aesthetic designs. The skin exposure it provides also allows one to tan. On the other hand, one-piece bathing suits are more popularly worn by children as they are more conservative, and allow some protection from the sun. Serious swimmers make use of special competitive swimwear that caters to the different needs of their sport. Swimmers may need suits with special low resistance fabric that reduces skin drag such as bodysuits, and racerbacks. Unlike regular swimming suits that are designed to be fashionable, these reduce friction and drag in the water, increasing speed and efficiency in the water.


  • Characteristics: The most common type of swimsuit, it derives inspiration from a tank top. The single suit conservatively convers the entire torso. It typically has straps over the shoulders and slopes and takes the shape of the crotch. However, there are some variations with sleeves or shorts.
  • Types: The rash guard, wetsuit, and dry suit are types of one-piece swimming attires that have extend into form-fitting sleeves and bottoms to provide further protection from the sun.
  • Usage: The typical swim suit can be used by all ages, in all type of swimming scenarios. The wet suit is often worn when doing intensive water activities such as surfing and scuba diving. The rash guard is an alternative to the wetsuit.


  • Characteristics: In contrast to the one-piece, this type only covers the intimate areas of the body, leaving the torso bare. One piece is meant to cover the breasts, while the other is to cover the groin and the butt.
  • Types: Typically known as a bikini, there are subtypes such as the microkini and the tankini.
  • Usage: Although this type is far more fashionable, it must be worn with caution as it offers minimal coverage from the sun. It comes in different styles, meant to cater to different preferences.