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Make your accessories stand out with a pendant

Pendants are the oldest, most common form or accessory or adornment, with roots traced back to primitive times. A pendant is typically a loose-hanging jewelry that is attached to a larger accessory such as a necklace, a bracelet, or an earring. It comes from an Old French word “pendre”, which means “to hang down”, a characteristic of this decorative piece. In fact, here in the Philippines, pendant earrings are more commonly known as “dangling earrings”.

Women’s pendants have different types and meanings

Not simply an accessory, pendants can be used in different occasions, or for different purposes. It can be used as a form for association and affiliation. Religious advocates may wear a symbol to show that they are part of a certain faith. Students and proud alumni may adorn their college or university design on a necklace or bracelet to show their school spirit. This type of jewelry may also be worn as a sign of prestige and power. In the medieval times, kings and queens wore gigantic pendant necklaces to symbolize their affluence. In formal events, ladies can wear pendant accessories decorated with precious stones. It can also be used to symbolize one’s identity. It can take the shape of a person’s initials or name. Boyfriends and girlfriends often wear their significant other’s name or initials as a form of romantic gesture.

There are also different types of pendants, each attached to a belief or sentiment. An amulet is a common type that is often used to ward off potential danger, or evil spirits. Similarly, a talisman is a type that is believed to give its wearer special benefits or powers. A locket is also quite common, often worn by those who are apart from their loved ones. This type can be in many shapes, but it is characterized by the thin space inside meant to hold a small photograph or object.


  • Metal: This is the most common material used for pendants. Lower-priced items are typically made out of copper, bronze, and stainless steel, while higher-priced ones are made out of silver, gold, and platinum.
  • Stones: Often used in combination with metals, these would include crystals, gems, diamonds, birth stones, and pearls.
  • Cloth: Although not as common as the previous two, these are used to bring color to casual pendants. These can be made out of various forms of fabric, and may include ribbons, bows, and lace. However, it is typically used as a decorative piece, not as the pendant’s main design.
  • Wood: These can take different forms, from simple shapes to elaborate carvings. Wood is typically used in making tropics-styled necklaces and bracelets.


  • Diamond: Although several variations can be made to the style, the general shape of the pendant is a diamond shape.
  • Heart: A Valentine’s Day favorite and couple must-have, this iconic shape comes in different styles and colors. It is typically made out of metal and adorned with stone.
  • Square: This simple shape is usually used to highlight an important centerpiece such as a brilliant birth stone or diamond.
  • Symbols: This would encompass any shape or icon that may represent something bigger. For example, students may want to wear their school symbol on necklace or bracelet to show support at tournaments or competitions. Religious advocates often wear symbols of their faith such as crucifixes, stars, or book quotes.