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The Fashion World of Michael Kors Philippines

This brand's founder is the origin of the brand name, famous American fashion designer Michael Kors who was born in Long Island, New York. He has received numerous awards for his work; he already won two awards from CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America). At the young age of nineteen, Kors already started designing and creating different styles for small Manhattan boutiques. This brand is world-renowned to specialize on quality designer bags made out of the finest materials.

Michael Kors Line of Fashion for Women

This brand is known worldwide for the ready-to-wear (RTW) and haute fashion apparel. Their products, both high-end and street apparel, luxury bags, accessories, and shoes cater to both men and women. The best Michael Kors watches have elegant designs that express one’s personality by wearing their line of products. In addition to that, these products are reasonably priced as they are made with high quality materials, so you will surely get your money's worth!

The brand has expanded their collection from the classic to the high-end Michael Kors diamond watches, expect the brand name to be on the list of the top names when it comes to high quality wrist watch for the years to come. Furthermore, the Michael Kors timepiece have evolved features and functions that make that unit in demand as it embodies elegance finesse, fashionably. Search for the best items of the brand that will suit your taste at your favorite online shop now and have your order delivered right at your doorstep.

Why choose Michael Kors?

  • Michael Kors brand is recognized worldwide
  • The brand promises to provide design with function and fashion
  • Their products are made of high quality materials
  • Michael Kors products comes in varying designs and styles


  • Materials: Michael Kors's bag are mostly made from premium materials like leather, canvas, denim, embossed, suede, and a lot more.
  • Uses: The bags are perfect for everyday use. You can choose from different bags, like messenger, tote, satchel, clutches and many more, these bags can be use for different occasions or place you're travelling to.
  • Features: Most bags are gold-plated that makes it quality and fashionable


  • Materials: Most of the wallets are made of genuine leather and more likely to have gold tone hardware synonymous to the brand
  • Uses: Wallets offered by the brand are perfect for travel; a good place to put your cards, money, receipts, and a lot more.
  • Features: The wallets' compartments have a zipped closure to secure the things you put inside. In addition to that, most of their wallets have cards' slot.


  • Materials: Most belts are made from genuine leather and the belt buckles are made from stainless steel
  • Uses: Complete your fashion outfit with stunning belts made by Michael Kors
  • Features: Most belts have buckles are fitted with signature logo details of Michael Kors


  • Materials: Michael Kors created their watch from materials like stainless steel, leather, and silicone
  • Uses: Like the normal function of the watch, their watches provide the time; however, the brand Michael Kors made their watches to be fashionable ideally to match and complete your outfits
  • Features: You can choose from analog and digital type of watches that are water-resistant