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Finding the Most Suitable USB Charger for Every Smartphone

Today there are several types of personal electronic gadgets that people around the world use for various purposes. Depending on the usage of the device, the battery capacity, and other factors the frequency of charging the device varies. Be it a smartphone or tablet or even an mp3 player and other devices with rechargeable batteries that need to be charged through the USB interface, a reliable USB charger is what is required. With a host of USB powered devices to charge and with several occasions where they might have to be charged simultaneously users can pick appropriate types of chargers that can be used for charging more than one device at a time.

There are different types of chargers designed for different applications. For charging devices in a car there are special car chargers which sometimes come with multiple USB ports. For charging the devices in other places there are the conventional wall chargers. The wall chargers are pretty simple in their design. There is an adapter that goes into the electrical socket. The USB cable is then connected from the adapter to the device to be charged. This type of USB charger is one which is absolutely essential for all smartphone users.  

Travel Charger – For Charging the Smartphone and Other USB Powered Devices

Travel charger designs and ratings differ from one brand to another and even the same brand could offer more than one type of charger. Talking about the design, the most common difference seen is the number of USB ports provided. Also, there are multi-use chargers which come with an extension cord and the presence of multiple sockets and USB ports in them. These are valuable investments that allow users to charge several devices or to power several devices from a single wall socket. The length and the thickness of the USB cable also can be different from one charging solution to another. The suitable length of the cable can be chosen based on where the charger would be used. Shorter cables are sufficient for tabletop charging. But for those places where the wall sockets are located at a height, choosing a long cable makes it easy to place the device being charged on a nearby table or desk. Each type of USB port requires a compatible charger or a charging cable.

There are different options in terms of the current ratings that allow users to choose between normal charging and fast charging. The current and voltage rating of the adapter, as well as the thickness of the cable, is designed accordingly in those chargers which are designated as fast chargers. While choosing a compatible travel charger, users also look for those that come with surge protection and other features. All such parameters ensure the safety of the device being charged. It also ensures that there are no heating issues while using the charger.