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Camera Viewfinders:  Capture Life with Beautiful Photographs

The cameras are a photographer’s most prized possession for decades. Only a professional knows about the synergy created by the sum of its parts. One of the most distinct and essential parts of a camera is the camera viewfinders. It is the viewfinder that allows the photographer to compose and frame a scene, along with having many other uses. There are two types of viewfinders: the optical and digital viewfinders. Another significant purpose of the camera viewfinders is that it offers a steady frame for the photographer to compose a picture.

While looking through a viewfinder, a photographer can steady the camera and take a crisp picture by bracing it against his or her face. This makes the camera less prone to shaky pictures. So, a digital camera usually has any one of the two viewfinders. For many years, the optical viewfinder was the most common type of viewfinder found on digital cameras. With the advent of LCD technology, this gave way to the LCD monitors. Only a few digital single lens reflex cameras have optical viewfinders. Other than that, most of them have Live View LCD viewfinder monitors. The optical viewfinders work well in bright and low light conditions well. Hence, are highly practical and useful.

Digital Viewfinders: Capture Your Camera’s Fullest Potential

When optical camera viewfinders are used with compact digital cameras, they only capture 75%-90% of what the digital camera is capturing. So, a large part of the total shot area is left out. This is a major reason why digital viewfinders have come into prominence and are the preferred choice among most professionals.

Digital Viewfinders or Electronic Viewfinders (EVF) are small LCD monitors that are usually ½-inch. Although the resolution of such a viewfinder is not as clear as what is found on an optical viewfinder, it shows the complete image. Since it is an LCD monitor, it also has fancy features such as displaying key camera settings. This is useful to professional photographers since they do not need to take their eye off the viewfinder to look at the LCD screen for settings as well as accurate framing. Digital viewfinders with higher resolution offer a somewhat clear view as compared to standard low-resolution viewfinders. High-end cameras have digital viewfinders with orientation sensor. This is a useful feature that automatically switches off the viewfinder and switched the LCD on when you remove your eyes from it.  

Even though LCDs on high-end digital cameras have gained clarity over the years, many photographers still think that having a small viewfinder is very important. This is because a viewfinder helps click photographs in the bright sun and also offers steadiness while taking pictures and zooming. In case, you have a high-end mirrorless digital camera with an interchangeable lens that only has an LCD; you can purchase a viewfinder separately and use it as an accessory by attaching it externally to the camera. The digital viewfinder is useful for amateur as well as professional photographers.