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Get those Tight Corners Cleaned!

Mommies always want to keep their homes tidy. They just can’t let those dirt and dust get in the way of their children’s playtime, or even to the whole family’s bonding time. But we can’t erase the fact that there are certain areas in which the dirt cannot be kept at bay. Like those tight corners of the house, high ceilings, carpets, rugs and hard floors! These areas are the home of dust, dirt, and if you have one, pet hairs!

If you’re finding all of these scattered all over your house and wanting to clean them out then vacuum cleaners are the ones to help you! These products will help you get rid of unwanted dirt easily and quickly. So, get those tight corners cleaned!

Vacuum Cleaners for your Cleaning Needs

There are different types of vacuum cleaners existing on the market. These models vary on the kind of cleaning job your house need. Also, there different brands offering their own unique types of vacuum cleaners that showcase each brand’s trademark features and functions like Imarflex, Kyowa, Dyson, Karcher and others. But whatever brand it is there are only two famous kinds of vacuums—handheld vacuum and upright vacuum. Their design and look pretty stand up to their names, so you’ll recognize them easily.

    Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

  • Features: It has a wet-dry function, controlled by on/off switch, with flexible vacuum snout and small and large brushes, built in permanent vacuum filter, lightweight, low noise and comes in cord and cordless
  • Use: Commonly used inside cars; Pick up dirts of various kinds even liquids
  • Advantage: Handheld vacuums can be carried anywhere to clean wet and dry spillage as long as it is charged and it has great dirt-filtration system

    Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

  • Features: Powered by computer programming and has a limited vacuum cleaning system. Functional features are effective dust filter, wall detection function, double side brush, low noise and equipped with anti-falling system
  • Use: Ideal for sweeping the house, able to pick dust, dirt and hair
  • Advantage: Robovac are automatic making them easy to use and operate

    Canister Vacuum Cleaner

  • Features: Compact and lightweight, it is composed of canister and long wand attached to the vacuum, and comes with retractable cords to avoid wrapping on the unit
  • Use: Used in any type of carpeting as well as efficiently clean floors and stairs
  • Advantage: Canister vacuums are space-saving

    Upright Vacuum Cleaner

  • Features: Upright is the most popular vacuum nowadays, it has strong and powerful suction power for a long time use and consist of dust bag
  • Use: Effective used inside home to clean carpets as it able to slide down the closet and glide on to floors
  • Advantage: This housekeeping offers modern and stylish design