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The Video and TV Cables: Really Helpful Connectors

One of the greatest things that people know of with the TV is its connectivity function that allows users to connect these electronic devices to other products and improving the viewing pleasure of people who own a television. Even the TVs of the old have these functions before, but they just became very prevalent today, with TVs using digital Video and Audio to enhance and showcase high quality content of their TV. Aside from this, the TVs can now show any form of video available, especially since these connectors provide more options and opportunities for people to watch other programs, movies, and even Internet content on an HD electronic device. This is only possible with the correct video cables that people use to plug in and connect the external gadgets into the TV.

See All of the Available Video Connectors Available in the Philippines

Many people are familiar with the RCA or A/V cable as the most useful variant of the video connectors for TVs to date. The three-colored cords and connectors allow any audio and external video devices to play their discs on the TV. But aside from these traditional and analog cables, there are also different types of cords that use digital signature to connect and provide video to the TV from its media source. Most TVs today even have the appropriate ports for these cords, allowing users to view HD content on the receiver and showcase quality viewing experience that pushes the TV’s capacity to its best and optimum level. You can actually get to see these different video cables for the television, available through the country’s top online shopping site today.

    RCA Cable

  • Overview: The RCA cable or the A/V cord is the most common and widely known variant of the different connectors for TVs. This cable uses the three distinct color connectors that provide audio and video when plugged from the source to the TV.
  • Features: The A/V cable often comes with dual end that are both color coded. Most of the time, the yellow provides the video while the red and white ends come with the stereo audio connectivity. This item is very common and is often seen with all available electronics that can connect to the TV.

    VGA Cable

  • Overview: The VGA Cable is the connector that provides PC imaging and usage to the TV. This important cable allows computers with VGA to be plugged with TVs that also have the VGA and project the design and visuals of the computer to the TV’s Screen. You can also use this cable to plug in separate devices into the TV, all to play other content of the device.
  • Features: The VGA is one of the early and useful attempts to provide digital video connectivity to the TV from its source. A number of VGA also come with screws on its sides to secure the cable to its connector, which also comes with holes where the screws go. While very useful, the cable lacks audio connectivity, and would require a separate jack for sound.

    HDMI Cables

  • Overview: The HDMI cable is a must have and proper connector for full digital and HD displaying to the TV. This cable also comes as a two-in-one device since this cable covers both video and audio when plugged from the source to the HD LED TV.
  • Features : Unlike the other cables, this digital cable uses the current structure to connect every possible device to the TV digitally. The HDMI also allows for any other forms of connectivity, from gaming consoles, to Blu-Ray, and other forms of connectivity that can properly showcase digital HD.