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Turntables: A Classic Reinvented

It may come as a surprise to many that in the age of mp3 players and digital music, old-school records have surged in popularity once more. Vintage tunes from historic bands are ever coveted, but many musicians today also release their music this way. Turntables have found new life in today’s music culture. Although some still sell the classic design, it has generally been reinvented for the digital age. They are sleeker in design, and compatible with computers and amplifiers. DJs even use electric record players to play electronic dance music. For those who live under a rock, turntables are a classic musical device that features a needle that scrapes the grooves of a record to create music. To this day, part of its appeal is the nostalgia and sophistication that comes with listening to good music while seeing the hypnotic movement of the hardware.

Things To Consider When Buying A Turntable

It is relatively easy to buy one because there are many turntables for sale in the Philippines. The real challenge is know which one to buy. A wise consumer first thinks about the budget. This musical player is available in a variety of prices, so fixing a price range you’re willing to pay will help narrow down your options. Next, think about the technical specs that you would need. For a beginner, this sounds like boring homework. But it is important to determine your preferences, such as which type of motor it functions on, or if you would want a manual or an automatic device. Research on these things, and figure out what you would be most comfortable using. Finally, consider the accessories that you might need. The most basic ones needed by DJs are cartridges and phono preamplifiers. Once you’re all sorted out, you can purchase a turntable online by going to your favorite shopping website.

    Features of a Turntable

  • Platter: This is where the record is placed and spun, on which the needle touches the vinyl and produces music.
  • Tone arm: This holds the cartridge and the needle, also known as a stylus. There are two types of needles. A half-inch mount seems like a bunch of exposed wires and is screwed to the existing part of the tone arm. On the other hand, the P-Mount has four connectors that are attached to the open part of the tone arm.
  • Motor: There are two types of motors that let the device function. The belt-driven turntable consists of a belt that is attached to a motor. The direct drive, on the other hand, consists only of the motor that is directly connected to the platter.

    Accessories of a Turntable

  • Cartridge: This is a device that tells the system what’s happening by converting variations in the groove walls into electrical signals.
  • Phono Preamp: This device converts the phono signal to make it compatible with audio equipment such as stereo systems, computers, and speakers.
  • Computer/laptop: Most DJs today use their laptops to digitally manipulate the music by creating loops, remixes, and sound effects.
  • Headphones/speakers: It depends on the user how they want to listen to the music, but one would need an output device.