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Monopod: One-legged Convenience

Also known as a unipod, the monopod is a stick-looking object used to mount the camera. It functions the same way as a tripod, except the other two legs are those of the photographers. Just like a tripod, a monopod is used to prevent blurry photos and videos. But unlike the tripod, a monopod is typically used when the photographer or videographer is capable of standing by and holding the camera so that it will not topple over. This rod is also often used for smaller cameras that do not necessarily need 3 legs to support it. In comparison to the tripod, the monopod is extremely lightweight and durable, usually made of aluminum and carbon fiber. Another advantage of the monopod is its portability. Without 2 other legs and a camera plate, it can simply be held with one hand, and brought from one place to another. Monopods are favored by photographers and videographers who need to constantly be on the move but still need focused shots such as sports photographers and wildlife photographers.

Selfie Sticks are All the Rage!

Thanks to selfies, the word “monopod” has evolved. In fact, a monopod is better known as a selfie stick” or “selfie monopod” in the Philippines. Go to any popular vacation spot, and there may be as many selfie sticks as there are tourists. Instead of functioning as a leg, it becomes like an extended arm, allowing selfies to become groupies. Unlike a camera monopod, the rod is thickest at the base along with a rubberized grip to ensure that the user has a firm hold on it. A great advantage of this object is that it makes photographing one’s self much easier, especially when capturing a wide background. Vacationers no longer have to meekly tap strangers to take a family photo for them. The selfie stick allows them the ease of quickly capturing moments independently, if you don’t mind the bar in the middle of your photo.

    Camera Monopod

  • Functionality: This type is a mount for cameras such as DSLRs, SLRs, and point-and-shoot cameras.
  • Camera attachment: the DSLR or digital camera is mounted on the head of the monopod with the use of the screw located there. It should be screwed securely to the bottom of the camera. Some professional monopods have a head plate similar to the ones found on tripods.
  • Advantage: A lightweight and portable alternative to the tripod, it is suited for on-the-move photographers and videographers.

    Selfie monopod

  • Functionality: Also known as the selfie stick, this monopod is designed for the smartphone, or cellphone. To make it easy to take selfies, some monopods come with Bluetooth remotes, while others have the button embedded on the stick itself.
  • Camera attachment: The phone is attached with the use of an adjustable clamp that is capable of securely holding cellphones of different sizes. Some have an elastic cord to be attached to the phone’s audio jack for added protection.
  • Advantage: Having a monopod like this makes it easy to take selfies on your own. There’s no more need to ask friends to take photos of you when you can all be in the photo together.