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Traditional Instruments: A Look Back into Tradition

Music instruments are a timeless creation that greatly improves your day to day life by reducing stress and helping you unwind. Traditional instruments are those made out organic materials available and make unique sounds that are harmonious to the tunes of nature. Primarily made of wood, traditional instruments stand a class apart from today's musical instruments in a variety of ways. Many of the modern instruments are modifications or inspired from these traditional cores. Some of the examples of them are Kalimba, Kulintang, Erhu, Mingrui and Thumb Piano.

The thumb piano is a keyboard for children. Also called Mbira, it is a traditional African instrument which has a row of metal strips attached to a bridge. The keys are of different length as that is the mechanism for producing different pitches. The keys are made from materials like spring wire, bicycle spokes, and other metals that anyone can obtain easily. Kalimba is another such instrument that is a modified version of the Mbira. It is an idiophone that is plucked using the fingers and thumb. It has metal keys and a sound box made of wood which makes the instrument easier to play and friendlier to the harmony of western music. This instrument produces a fluid percussion sound that is highly pleasing to the ears and leaves you haunted after. The Erhu belongs to the huqin family of traditional string instruments and is essentially a spike fiddle. It is also known as the Chinese two-string violin and can be played solo or as part of a large orchestra. Traditional instruments are a great artifact to collect and forms a beautiful feast to the eyes.

Traditional Music: The Sound of the Soul

Traditional music is the music of the soul and instills in the listener a sense of happiness that feels as if it is imparted by mother nature. This music is the song of the trees, the voice of the river and the cacophony of birds all compressed into a five-minute miracle in the form of music. Music exists deep inside nature and is in constant harmony with it. Most of the sounds involved include beats as well, sometimes made orally. Traditional music is passed down generations orally. sometimes the lyrics vary from parts to parts due to this. Interpretations can vary as well over time. This music includes complex overlays of rhythms which sometimes results in the formation of a poly-rhythm. This is a typical trait of indigenous music everywhere.

Music is a huge part of our soul and traditional music is the soul of mother nature. There is music in every aspect of nature. There is music when the leaves rustle and when the dried leaves fall and crunch. It is integral to embrace the music inside you. Having a collection of traditional instruments are guaranteed to make your home aesthetically exquisite as well as give you a great way to relax and unwind yourself while being part of a small crowd that possesses the knowledge to operate the particular instrument.