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The RC Helicopter can Help to Visualize the Actual Flight Simulation

RC Helicopters or remote controlled or even radio controlled helicopters are model aircrafts that are designed with distinction from the RC airplanes available. The more maneuverable the designs are, the harder they would be to fly. But they would offer much more aerobatic options. Thus there are lots of choices that you can make while choosing RC helicopters. The flight controls allow pilots to control the collective or the throttle, the cyclic controls and the tail rotor. The ability to control all these in unison offers the helicopter the same maneuvers that can be found in the original helicopters. Hovering, backward flight and other controls can also be performed.

Toy Helicopters are Also Based on Actual Designs

Toy helicopters mostly run on electricity and are often powered by batteries. These helicopters were designed back in the 1990s. However, there have been huge advancements in battery technology in the recent days. Thus electric flying has become more and more feasible in terms of flight time. The lithium polymer batteries have replaced the NiCad batteries that had been used in the old days. These new batteries would provide a higher current that is required for high-performance aerobatics and still remain quite light. The typical flight time would be about 4 to 12 minutes depending on the style of flight and the capacity of the battery.

The toy helicopters can also be used indoors in the past due to the small size and the lack of fumes produced by it. The larger ones can be used outdoors and the advanced aerobatics made flying these things a lot of fun. Several models are being launched into the market by various companies and it is surely becoming a lot of fun these days. There are even coaxial rotor systems available in some of the models. The coaxial models are more stable and can be used to fly them into tight corners. The direction control and the freedom from the torque have made it a good candidate for young kids. Also, the designs of this class of helicopters are quite cool.