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Towel Rack ? A Proper Investment for Your Home

Be it for your kitchen or for the bathroom there are several places where you would be using a towel rack. It is one of the most useful accessories that come as a wall mounted option or free standing option. The freestanding option is portable and doesn?t require any installation procedure. But it takes up some space. Wall mounted options are the best for those with space constraint but they would have to be correctly installed. These also would not be sufficient to hold too many towels as you can with a free-standing model. Based on where you need the towel rack and the number of towels to hold you can easily take a pick.

It would be crucial in picking one of great quality, one that doesn?t wear away due to corrosion. There are aluminum towel racks, plastic, wood, acrylic and metal ones. The choice of the material, as well as the design, would determine the longevity of the rack as well as the looks. You would have to thus choose the right rack and place it at the right spot. This would avoid all the clutter caused by towels lying around. If you have a very small bathroom, you could consider investing on a multipurpose rack that comes with hooks and shelves to organize your other bathroom supplies.

The Towel Warmer ? Why is it so Popular?

Normal towel racks are enough for any average bathroom. But another accessory that has been gaining a lot of attention, forming an integral part of a modern bathroom, is the towel warmer. If you are looking to keep your towels fresh always then a towel warmer is a worthy investment. Towel warmers could be hydronic or electric. Based on the efficiency they are nearly on par. The choice here depends on the budget and other criteria. These come as free-standing models, wall mounted and floor mounted options which can be chosen based on the size available. Towel warmers are not just for keeping your towels warm and dry but you could also use these to dry small clothes on a cold day. This makes it a multipurpose tool that is worth every penny spent.

One other benefit of choosing a towel warmer is the fact that these can help disinfect and keep the towels clean. It comes in handy for those with small bathrooms without proper ventilation where the risks of mold and mildew growth is high due to the buildup of moisture. Though these use up electricity to heat up the towels, towel warmers are known to be pretty energy efficient. So, you do not have to worry about your energy bills increasing. Most of these come in stainless steel that doesn?t rust due to the wetness of the towels. There are various size options available. The towel warmers that come with automatic timer switches are becoming increasingly popular as these are convenient to use and energy efficient as well.