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Smart Tracker is More than an Accessory

Get important notifications straight to your wrist. Smart tracker is more than just a piece of accessory. Same with your smart phones, this device lets you access several applications and digital media through your Bluetooth headphone. This impressive device will allow you to search the internet with just your voice, track your exercise with its GPS and will even let you check your SMS and incoming calls.

Choose the right smart watch to fit your style and need. Smart Tracker provides you with accurate GPS positioning, remote monitoring, as well as continuous and on-time tracking. If you don’t like the strap, you can change it as it comes with interchangeable and customizable bands. That being said, these smart watches can be of great help to children, elders as well as travellers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Smart Tracker Offers Reliable GPS Tracking

Smart Tracker is all about dependability and convenience. It features a reliable and precise GPS tracking function that is suitable for you. Get a cost-effective way of monitoring your calls, messages and emails. With its highly reliable GPS tracking feature, you need not to worry about sharing your geographical position with someone. This remarkable device allows you to connect to your phone and also compatible with IOS.

The Go for handy, wearable, convenient and easy-to-use tracking device. Smart tracker is a standout not only because of its sleek and vibrant design, but also with its impressive performance and good battery life. It is way faster and more usable as it offers tons of features that you may need and use.

    Smart Watches

  • Function: Just as with your smart phones, this device allows you to access functions like the internet connectivity, calculator, thermometer, compass, message notifications, GPS navigation and calendar synchronization.
  • Features: This device can accommodate a variety of sensors and supports no-contact and motion-induced charging as well as biometric authentication. These are also IOS-compatible.
  • Usage: Smart watches can run apps and play back digital media including audio tracks and radio through Bluetooth headphones. You can also connect your phone using smart watches.

    Fitness Bands

  • Function: This device is used for athletics purposes helping you track variables such as speed, wind direction and wind speed.
  • Features: This device helps you track your 24/7 heart rate, breathing, steps, sleep, smart alarms and incoming call alerts. It is also waterproof and comes with stylish and customizable bands.
  • Usage: Fitness bands are used for monitoring and calculating your daily work out routines and activities. It is used for all fitness-related metrics such as distance walked or run, calorie consumption and helps track heartbeat and quality of sleep.