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Smart Tracker – GPS-Powered Devices Put Into Use

Smart trackers consist of a tracking mechanism which is clubbed with a GPS transmitter that can be latched onto the end product. The smart tracker is connected to a parent device via wireless. The parent device is configured in such a way that the tracker sends real-time location alerts to this parent device and the parent device can be used to decipher the signal and detect the real-time location.

It can be used to track vehicles by fixing it on the outer part of the vehicle. A minimal version of the smart tracker can also be used to track the whereabouts of pet dogs and other animals by mounting it onto the collars or other wearable merchandise. These may also come in the form of small keychains which can be easily carried around or affixed to luggage to help keep a track of it as well. Smart wallets are another addition to this stream of smart trackers which automate a trigger once the wallet is reported lost and send the current location to the parent device, which helps in serving as the information to track down the lost wallet. This helps in enhancing the security by using tracking technology.

Activity Tracker – Modern Day Companion to Keep a Track of Yourself

As the name suggests, an activity tracker, also referred to as a fitness tracker, is a device generally used for keeping a track of metrics such as steps taken during a fixed interval, pulse rate and even calories consumed in some high-end devices. For long-term usage, the data may be synced to an external device such as a computer or smartphone. This comes as a book to all the fitness geeks as it helps in keeping a track of your body metabolism and helps recognize if body fat is being maintained at the desired level. Wearable sensors are most commonly devised to use in activity sensors. They have a wide variety of usage in medical, sports and security fields. These are used to detect any abnormal spikes in the patients and allow to monitor the patient's condition regularly, leading to better treatment. Sports personnel also find a great application of activity trackers during training and other recreational purposes to keep track of the progress of various body vitals and manage their training regime accordingly.

Activity trackers may come in the form of wristbands or smart watches among many others. The bands had started off in the digital model with buttons to guide through the various options available. With recent updates in place, touch screen controlled bands are available to guide through the interface. They can help track your vitals like heart rate, blood pressure or keep track of your movement and the total distance covered. The display interface has been upgraded from normal LED to OLED surface for better viewing. Various brands have come up with smartwatches that may be linked to your smartphones and be triggered to make important services like emergency calls or SOS texts with the help of a single click.