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Smart Glasses are the New In-Thing for the Technologically Advanced Present Generation

Over the past few decades, technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. Even science fiction authors have delved deep in exploring many new technological innovations through their pages. For years, those interested in smart glasses have wondered how they can wear and view their computers through an eyeglass. With technology invading every walk of life, smart glasses are now a reality. You now have sleek and stylish looking smart glass that not only serves a purpose but also makes a fashion statement. Smart glasses have exceeded consumers’ expectations since the time they were first conceived. In fact smart glasses are the next most commercially available wearable device after smart watches. The best part about this device is that you can connect this device to the internet and explore all the avenues of the World Wide Web. These glasses have buttons on the side of the frame with which you can control what you want to browse and watch on the internet. In fact, these glasses serve as a wearable PC when you connect them to an Android operating device. In the recent years, there have been many experimentations with the VR technology that can bring in a huge overhaul in the arena of smart glasses.

Many brands now have come up with different types of smart glasses that have a variety of features. The Bluetooth travel sunglasses come with a hands-free headset.  They not only serve the basic purpose of saving your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun but also enable you to make Bluetooth calls. They give you the pleasure of listening to music with the help of MP3 players. They are compatible with your Android device and have a long battery life.

Smart Eyeglasses Range from Simple Spectacles to Swanky Goggles - Suiting Everyone’s Needs

Smart eyeglasses are quite common among the people of the Philippines. Some of these eyeglasses come as a package with a free L7 LED watch. These are headset sunglasses, that act as normal sunglasses and filter noise through noise reduction. The MP3 players allow you to enjoy music while driving and the hands-free headset enabled with Bluetooth allows you to make voice calls with the help of Bluetooth technology. They come with stereo subwoofers that allow you to enjoy the strength of the sound. The smart eyeglass uses a 4.1 Bluetooth chip. These glasses are enabled with intimate voice reminders, making them convenient to use.

Some of these smart eyeglasses come with a 32GB SD card. They too use 4.1 Bluetooth chip. These are compatible with multiple smartphones, tablets, and PCs. These flip-up glasses make you look very cool and swanky. You can listen to stereo-quality music, wireless. You can answer calls automatically, as you can switch automatically to phone talking mode. These also have an up and down voice control. Some of these smart eyeglasses are also enabled with camera and audio and video recorders.