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Keep Fit or Satisfy Your Desire for Thrill with Skateboarding

Skateboards can add fun and thrill to your outdoor/indoor activities. You may ride a skateboard to relieve boredom. You may also remain fit with skateboarding. It enables you to move your body in different ways. If you are a sports enthusiast, then riding a skateboard may bring dynamism into your life. However, it is essential to have a proper skateboard to practice different moves on different planes without witnessing untoward events. The skateboards are not only available in different shapes, colors and decorative motifs. The length, width, and material of a skateboard’s deck also vary from one item to another.

To ensure excellent skateboarding performance, it is essential to correctly determine a deck’s width. The width that is suitable for taller individuals may not be ideal for shorter individuals. On the other hand, the deck that is ideal for teenagers may be unsuitable for the kids. Hence, the skateboards use the decks of varying widths and lengths depending upon the size of an individual’s foot. The ‘Micro’ decks of 6-6.75 inches width are ideal for the users who are up to 3.4 feet tall. The ‘Mini’ decks of 7.0 inches width are suitable for the riders up to 4.4 feet tall. The ‘Mid-size’ decks of 7.3 inches width are ideal for the riders who are up to 5.2 feet tall. The 7.5-8.25 inches decks are full-sized decks. These decks are suitable for individuals who are taller than 5.3 feet. These decks are also ideal for outside performances and thrilling stunts, as you may use these skateboards on rails, ramps, and streets with equal efficiency. You may even find retro styled skateboards with 8.25-inch or larger decks.

Bring Some Exhilaration into Your Life with Outdoor Skateboarding

The skateboards are not only available in different sizes. They are also available in four different shapes and different shapes are suitable for different outdoor skateboarding activities. If you like to skate on the street/park, then you may find a ‘Shortboard’ to be suitable for your necessities. The ‘Shortboard’ can get maximum air and let you perform a variety of tricks on the ground level. The ‘Cruiser’ skateboards have decks of medium length. The ‘Kicktail’ is an exclusive feature of ‘Cruiser’ skateboards. You may use these skateboards if you are in a mood to skate along the streets or to perform simpler stunts. A ‘Longboard’ is ideal for cruising around, as these skateboards have a maximum foothold. You may even use these skateboards during downhill racing. A symmetrically shaped ‘Longboard’ can hold larger wheels with adequate wheel cutouts and its deck sit lower to the ground. Hence, you can maintain excellent balance when racing on a ‘Longboard’.

If you like to perform thrilling stunts, then you may find the ‘Old School’ skateboards to satisfy your requirements. These skateboards have 8.25-inch or larger decks. You may use these skateboards to skate on the rails, ramps or pools and to carve the streets. You may perform any outdoor skateboarding activities using ‘Old School’ skateboards with ‘Kicktails’ and flat nose. The skateboards also come with differently shaped bases, such as radial or U-concave, W-concave, Progressive, Tub-concave, Asymmetrical and Convex bases.