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Skateboard Ramps for the Skateboarding Enthusiasts

Skateboarding is a fun and adventurous outdoor activity, which is played by kids and young adults. The more experience they gain with this sport, the more tricks they can do with the skateboard. Only a good rider can perform various tricks with his or her board. Sadly, the Philippines does not have as many parks and outdoor spaces to practice this sport and its tricks. Therefore, artificial skateboard ramps and rails are sold in the market to practice and excel in this adventurous activity. These ramps and rails can be installed even in an indoor space, and you can practice skateboarding at the ease of your house itself.

Not to mention, these skateboarding ramps are lightweight, which makes them portable and easy to carry to various locations of the user’s desire. These ramps help in practicing tricks like sliding and grinding, along with various basic tricks, such as Ollie. For beginners, a ramp is an inclined plane surface over which skateboarders roll up to reach an elevated position. There are different varieties of ramps available in the market. They are half-pipe ramps, one-side skate ramps, and triangle skate ramps. Halfpipe ramps are generally small curved ramps, and triangle skate ramps are dual ramps with two inclined ramps attached beside each other. One-side skate ramps are a little smaller when compared to the other two kinds. They are used to do small and simple tricks, but they are considered extremely safe for the same reason. Also, they enable exceptional portability.

Skateboard Rails and Their Types

Skateboarding needs specialized surfaces to do skating. Therefore, skateboard rails are built for this purpose. Doing skateboarding on the walls and stairs will become a part of your skateboarding history after owning the perfect kind of rail for practicing skateboarding. A skateboarding rail, is an elevated iron pipe that is supported by two stands. A permanent skateboarding park has this rail built exclusively for this purpose; however, it can also be portable. Generally made of steel, this rail comes in various designs and sizes to suit the level of skateboarding one practice. Further, this rail can also be fixed at nearby parks to practice the sport at leisure time and dismantle it after completing the practice.

There are different kinds of skateboard rails available in the market of the Philippines. Few popular variants are round rails, rectangular rails, and kinked rails. Round rails are made of steel and come in round form with cylindrical pipes for exploring the tricks of skateboarding. On the other hand, rectangular rails are similar kinds of rails with rectangular designs. These kind of rails are perfect for kids who have just started learning this sport.  Furthermore, the material of rectangular rails is either made of steel or wood. The kinked rails are known for their uniqueness in forms, as they come in various designs. Also, they equip a sudden inclination through a ramp that leads to a much lower ramp, which comes as a surprise and fun factor.