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Sewing Tools that are Indispensable for Philippines' Fashion

The world of fashion in the Philippines have seen many influences—from Spanish influence to American influence, Filipinos have seen their fashion sense go through various stages of evolution. In fact in Asia fashion designers from Philippines have received great acclaim for their work. The tropical climate of Philippines is also an influence that shapes their dressing sense. The shirt and skirt that Filipino women wear and undershirt and black pants worn by Filipino men are sewn and embroidered keeping in mind the foreign influences and the climate. Different types of sewing tools are used by tailors and fashion designers.

Embroidery is used on various cotton clothing in the Philippines. Tailors use different colored cotton threads to do these embroidered designs on the dresses. Metal bobbins are used to make designs that can be used for both stitching and sewing. Drawing compasses and French curve ruler set are used by Filipino designers to make intricate and accurate designs on the fabric. The designs made by Filipino designers are detailed and are demand even in the international market. Designers use push button clamps to fix buttons on the men’s undershirt. These clamps can fix plastic snap buttons on all types of textiles like cloth diapers, clothes, pouches and even bags. As bamboo is easily in a tropical climate, the tailors in the Philippines use carbonized bamboo knitting needles. These come in sets of five with a measurement varying from 2mm to 5mm.

Sewing Machine Parts: How to Take Care of Them

As fashion is of paramount importance in Philippines sewing and stitching is an important part of the Filipino culture. Sewing machines are available in the Philippines markets and on online markets. Brands such as Singer, Brother, Juki, Demotech and Sew Simple have come up with different types of sewing machines for the Filipino population—both for fashion designers and tailors and for household sewers. As sewing and stitching is a primary part of the Filipino culture, sewing machine parts are easily available to repair any broken part of a sewing machine.

The eleven-piece multifunctional foot spare parts are suitable for sewing machines from different brands. This set is good for domestic sewing machines and low shank sewing machines that were manufactured after the 1980s. For sewing on leather and other heavy material, the industrial sewing machine feed dog and plate medium sets are used to stitch designs and sew buttons on medium and heavy materials. In factories where clothes are made in bulk in Philippines flat seamer folder tape binder is used to put binders or tapes on the edges of the garments. This is one product that is available at a reasonable price and can be used with sewing machines of different brands. The binder can definitely enhance both the quality and productivity of a two or three needle industrial sewing machine. They come in four different sizes—each size suited for a different purpose. These sewing machine parts are indeed of much help as they make the sewing process faster, easier and more accurate.